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Podcast #45 – Fun with Foam

Podcast #45 - Fun with Foam

The Alienware Mod-off results are in and Team Modders-Inc takes second place with an Ancient Aliens inspired theme with foam made to look like rocks. Joe also shares a bit of information about his current casemod for Corsair inspired by Jinx from League of Legends’ …

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Podcast #44 – The Sleeving Episode

Podcast #44 - The Sleeving Episode

Joe Mercado takes over the podcast for 20 minutes of some hot sleeving talk! Materials, quality, tools and options discussed. What is the difference between a fully-custom cable set vs mass manufactured sets? Also, from the Modders-Inc forums, Ron Lee Christianson and Jon Hansz’ Witcher …

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Podcast #42 – Pre-Computex Hype

podcast #42

Both In Win and Gigabyte will be celebrating their 30th Anniversary at Computex, each with their own modding event which involve Modders-Inc. Gigabyte’s Water-cooling PC Mod challenge is being hosted by Modders-Inc and the winner will get a chance to go to Computex 2016 with …

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Podcast #40 – Group Effort

Podcast #40 - Group Effort

It has been sometime since episode #39 and with plenty of events going on simultaneously in the modding world, the entire Modders-Inc crew (minus Dewayne, Craig, Nick, Tom, Michael, Alex, Wen and Marc. So basically just Ron and Joe, you know…the important ones) sit down …

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Mod-cast #39 – The Money Shot


MSI’s PRO-MOD season 2 has just wrapped up and the guys check out the entries and pick their favorites. Dewayne, Ron, Nick, Joe and Michael talk about the joys of modding with vinyl, polystyrene sheets and they even run some commentary while watching CNC router …

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Mod-cast #38 – RAW and LIVE

Modders-Inc Podcast 38

As a team we get together to talk about the website and and other things. A lot of the time there is some really good information that gets passed around and never gets into the podcasts we do so I thought I would secretly record …

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Mod-cast #37 – Modding Economics


How we ever make it through one podcast is a mystery to us, but what is not a mystery are the things we talk to you about and keeping you updated in the modding and computer hardware arenas. In this episode, the gang check out …

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Podcast #36 – Place Your Bets


New format! Podcasts will now be every two weeks. Six of the guys assemble to discuss season two of Thermaltake’s Casemod invitational and talk about who their picks are to win the event. The subject of modular cases come up while discussing Cooler Master’s new …

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Podcast #35 – Can You Handle the Truth?


The times and adventures of a bunch of guys that have nothing better to do than to keep you informed about computer hardware and computer case modding. During this podcast we talk about what judges look at when judging a case mod contest. We take …

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Podcast #34 – QuakeCon 2015 Aftermath


During this podcast Ron, Dewayne, Craig, and Joe talk about QuakeCon and the case modding events we held and talk about the issues encountered leading up to the event and what happened in Dallas that week. Case mod judging criteria is discussed as well as …

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