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Podcast #27 – Cases, Cases, and More Cases

Origin PC -1

While most of the staff is still recovering from a serious case of holiday ham syndrome, Dewayne, Joe and Ron brave it out for an episode talking about the most exciting newly announced upcoming PC cases including OriginPC’s Millenium PC case, DimasTech’s AMC indie-gogo campaign, Lian Li’s O-series wall-mountable chassis, the Hex-Gear R40, and the NCase M1. Sleeving wizard Joe ... Read More »

Podcast #26 – LAN Your ASS Off!

Doom 3 Case Mod by CrimsonSky

The boys discuss the QuakeCon date announcement and the new rule changes for the 2015 Casemod competition as well as the theme for this year’s Modders-Inc Staff-vs-Staff mod-off. The guys also talk about local LAN events across North America, upcoming games PC, Microsoft Windows 10 preview, Dewayne’s Quake Live! addiction, modding safety and the punchability of Bono’s Face.   Episode ... Read More »

Frankenstein Builds CyberPowerPC Zeus Mini and LanETS Overclocking | Hardware Asylum

Show Notes Frankenstein Computer Builds Computer building is a delicate balance between Cost, Components, and Performance. Cost is usually a driving factor that dictates the component choices and indirectly will impact Performance. As hardware enthusiasts we may jumble the priorities around and will eventually have a computer that fits your criteria but may not always follow the implied rules. In ... Read More »

Modders-Inc Podcast #24 – It’s Leaking!

Modders-Inc Podcast

  Topics: Console Modding – This is what happens when a company tries to mod…. Good intentions but not so great results. Overclocking – “Is overclocking something that the average user really needs to do? Is it more for fun that a need to anymore?” “How far do you think is a safe % to OC your system with a ... Read More »

Modders-Inc Podcast #23 – Balls Of Steel

Modders-Inc Podcast

  Topics: It is time for more fun and this time we talk with the world famous case modder Brian “Boddaker” Carter. We also grab Shannon from Thermaltake for some inside information and they answer questions from the sites members. There was a voice mail about the last podcast! Wiring – What do you do about the wires in you ... Read More »

Modders-Inc Podcast #21 – Sweaty Fingers


Modders-Inc Podcast #21 – Sweaty Fingers  Topics: The crew sits down with one of our sponsors, Thermaltake, to ask the question we all want to hear about companies and sponsor ship. We also talk about the question forum member Mach ask “What are your thoughts about work logs and how they effect the hobby”. And finally we catch up on ... Read More »

Modders-Inc Podcast #16 – Socket it to Me!

Modders-Inc Podcast

    Topics:   - During this podcast we welcome Andrew from CPU Magazine - We talk about the every changing Intel CPU socket (a Tech-Daddy Rant) - What do you do after picking the case to mod - Product reviews on the site Jetway JNC96FL-510-LF Mini ITX ASUS Blu-ray BC-08B1ST Combo Internal Drive ASUS Xonar DX Dolby Home Theater ... Read More »

Modders-Inc Podcast #5 Interview with Tania/Razergirl from Razer

Modders-Inc Podcast

    Topics:  We talks to Tania from Razer about PAX08, their modding contest, the Razer Cult and about their current and new products. It was nice to hear that they do read what people say about their products and use that to help make them better. Podcast Members-Tony – TazzDewayne – Americanfreak Guest-  Tania from Razer Leave comments and ... Read More »

Modders-Inc Podcast #4 The ModShop and NVISION 08

Modders-Inc Podcast

  Topics:  We have a new podcast out and this time we talk about what we think might have happened as to why the Modshop might has gone down. We also talk about NVISION 08 and the Modding Contest. Podcast Members-Tony – TazzVic – XcaliburFXDewayne – Americanfreak Guest-   Leave comments and talk about our podcast in the forums. Email ... Read More »