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Car Themed Case Mod by Duality92

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Hey fellow case modders, I finally bring you the build log of my case mod I did about a year ago. This idea was sparked by YouTuber Major Hardware. With his concept of taking a hubbed fan, removing the blades, and creating his (and his viewers) fan designed and testing them, I wanted to take it a little bit further and always wanted to have a PC with a car turbo in it.

Ideas started brewing, I went to dig in an old parts bin from an Alienware Aurora R3 I had laying around and found a hubbed fan! It was perfect for my project. The first step was taking everything apart, removing the blades, all the frame except the face to be used for mounting.


Now it was design time, I needed to design from scratch the turbo and impeller to be able to fit on the bed of my 3D printer. The impeller was no issue, but I had restrictions for the turbo housing. Also, due to the nature of the design, I had to make it in two pieces, but I was OK with this as actual turbos are two pieces (or more) also.

With the materials I had, I only had one shot at the housing, it didn’t turn out perfect, but was adequate enough to use. The impeller though took a few different revisions but ended up being just as I wanted in terms of fitment inside the housing. I designed the housing to accommodate the 80mm fan and having a method of adjusting the height of the impeller to leave as little clearance as possible between it and the housing to increase potential static pressure as much as possible.



Once finished, it was time to paint the turbo itself, I choose a color as close to the real thing as I could. I first just quickly sprayed it silver to see how it looked, but ten used an art glaze to cover it, then a stone texture spray paint to give it that rough feel, gold flake spray paint to add visual reflections and finally coated it in its final coat of silver. It ended up turning out better than I had hoped! (pictures of the final texture/finished product later)

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