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Enermax iVektor Computer Case Review

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The Hardware Install


Installing your storage device uses the fairly standard rail system.  Using the correct rails for the right drive is your first step. Then add the supplied screw through the rail and into the drive and you are good to go. The rails slide easy and a good healthy “Snap” locks them into place.



At this part of the hardware install I have just the motherboard and CPU in. We can see that the access cabling holes line up with the right parts of the motherboard. There is plenty of  room underneath the motherboard for the PSU and misc cables.


Here I have a full install of the hardware. A large 1000w power supply by Thermaltake is used to show that even with an over sized PSU that there is still plenty of room to the right.


We can see that even with an 11 inch card there is plenty of room. The power for this card was on the side, but if your card has the power connections on the end you will not have any problems as there is a least 1-2 inches of space left over.


With a basic hardware install there were not to many cable to run. But this also a great reason as to why to use a modular PSU. If I had to of run more cables or “hidden” them on this side the pop outed panel would have made this rather easy to do.


This gives us a nice look at the large reveal behind the motherboard. There is more that enough space to allow you to add and remove back plates for coolers of different motherboards and CPU’s.



The only problem I had with the routing of the cables was that the eight pin power for the motherboard would not reach. All I could find was a small cut out that the rear fan power was going through and I thought I would see if this would work. Unfortunately it did not. A elongated holes in this area would have probably solved this issue. I had to route the power cable along the rear edge of the motherboard.



With the Optical Disk Drive (ODD) installed it..Uh… well really took away from the look of the case. If they are going to make the front of the case have this kind of styling they needed to come up with a way of covering up any used drive bays.


Overall the install of the hardware was easy to do and went fairly smooth. A few minor items were encountered, but that is expected with any case.

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