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GIGABYTE 30th Anniversary Mod Challenge ~~Orionagappe~~



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  • GIGABYTE 30th Anniversary Mod Challenge ~~Orionagappe~~

    This will be my mod build log. More to come...

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    ... PCpartspicker doesn't have everything... in particular cases... Saving this: but that price though.... I know the idea is "have fun" but seriously this is stupid expensive, and it doesn't even have video cards. Also I am, going to put 2x RX480's in it but not available yet. (The nano was to estimate power consumption.)

    My case mod is based on the Mercury S5 from Case Labs. (not on pcpartspicker)
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      I know the feeling. If I don't win the concept kit, I doubt I will be able to do the build. Which would be sad because I haven't had a good excuse to do a big mod in a while.

      Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see where you're heading with this.
      Modders Unite!
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      The Sheild CPU:Athlon II 220 2.8Ghz|Mobo:GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H|RAM:CORSAIR XMS 2x2GB&SAMSUNG 2x4GB|HDD:WD600|PFSense2.3


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        This is a gif of the case top for this build. Paint ftw!!!
        Pixel scale is 2 pix = 1mm. The colors are a little off the orange plex is a 2 laminated sheets the bottom one has the 30 built cut into it with an uncut one piece of orange plex above it. To make the 30 show I am planning to put blue LEDs below it. I am trying to figure out a way to defuse the light that it won't be spotty. I want it to look something like neon lights.

        Also you can see that there are slots for 3 240.2 rads. I did this so that I can use thinner rads so that they won't show as much on the inside of the build.
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          Don't forget to submit your pictures by today to be eligible to win the build kit!!!

          Sign in to your GIGABYTE Mod2Win Profile.
          Go to ABOUT MY MOD tab.
          Click on the EDIT MY MOD button to add or change your Build Concept.
          Give your Mod a name and clearly describe what you are building.
          Upload hand drawn or CAD rendered files to visually describe your concept.
          Click UPDATE to save and submit.