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GIGABYTE 30th Anniversary Mod Challenge -- Atomic Honey



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  • GIGABYTE 30th Anniversary Mod Challenge -- Atomic Honey

    Time for me to throw my hat into the ring

    For this build I will be going for a vintage look, incorporating logos from the ultra durable line of PC boards due to this being built around the x99 board, fans and water cooling system to make this a PC that can cope with the summer heat. The overall design will make it look like 1940's military tech with a sci fi spin to it. Using aging techniques I will give the thing a war torn and battered look. Thus the color scheme will stick to metal, rust, as well as orange for the internal glow. The primary color scheme will be olive drab, or possibly navy blue in order to go alongside GIGABYTE's promotions with world of warships. Chipped paint, rusted metal, noseart and kill markings will give the appearance like this thing has been through hell and back. Something that wouldn't look out of place in the fallout series, or another weird war fiction. As for the practical aspects of the case, I want the internal parts easy to display, and be able to show off what is under the hood. While allowing for it to close up to be akin to a regular PC case, so it doesn't get too dusty when being used.

    Click image for larger version

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    A quick photoshop mockup of the build. This lacks details such as simulated paint chips and rust, as well as rivets to give the build a heavy industrial look.
    Link to larger image:

    The case would be built off of a corsair spec-3 black case. The clear side panel would be replaced with a custom fit sheet metal replacement, and hinged so that it could be opened with the prop to hold it open akin to the hood of an old car. The side hatch will be a replacement to the clear acrylic of the stock case. With a pinup on it. Below is the rough sketch of the pinup artwork. She will be holding a keyboard, and will feature the words, "From Gigabyte with Love" I wanted to go with a more cartoony design for the nose art versus something more typical to the era.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20160626_220545.jpg
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    On the opposite side there would be an exhaust made to resemble a heavy duty muffler. A hole will be cut into the side of the case to make this a place for an additional fan. Helping to make the muffler practical as well as decorative. I will also cut into the foam top in order to not compromise the ability of the case to open up on the opposite side, allowing for the entire internals of the PC to be on full display.

    To help change the form of the case itself, a foam top will be built over the case,

    The internal will be mostly stock black, lit with orange LED's to give the build an internal glow when it is running.

    The top hatch will lead to a hole cut into the case itself. This will give a clear view to the water cooling system which will have a prop built around it to give the appearance of a piece of atomic generator powering this thing. With the water cooling tank exposed with orange and metallic dye to give it a dynamic appearance when it's turned on. Under the lid an instruction decal will warn that this computer is powered by an atomic energy cell.
    Jordan Ciccarelli
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    Don't forget to submit your pictures by today to be eligible to win the build kit!!!

    Sign in to your GIGABYTE Mod2Win Profile.
    Go to ABOUT MY MOD tab.
    Click on the EDIT MY MOD button to add or change your Build Concept.
    Give your Mod a name and clearly describe what you are building.
    Upload hand drawn or CAD rendered files to visually describe your concept.
    Click UPDATE to save and submit.