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Gigabyte Contest Skylake Build



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  • Gigabyte Contest Skylake Build

    Core i7-6700k (4.6Ghz)
    32Gbs DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX
    Asus z-170A MoBo
    4x120Gb ssd (raid 0)
    GTX 1080 FE (2.1Ghz)
    Thermaltake Core P5
    Corsair RGB Strafe
    LG IPS 4k Freesync 27"
    Custom waterloop, with a photon D5 pump, and a 480 res.

    This rig started a long time ago as a spunky i5 6400 with a gtx 970, with dreams to take on the big boys. Three hard months of non stop landscaping for retired women later, this rig has almost none of the original parts, excluding the Asus Z-170A. This rig has not failed me, however, I probably could have stopped upgrading long ago. Oddly enough, I find that building computers is more enjoyable to me than the games I play on them. I long for a job where someone would just pay me to build computers all day and all night. I love building a new system, and although this system is amazing, a chance to work with a 2011-v3 socket CPU would be an amazing opportunity to really test how far I can push performance. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my scrubby pictures.
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    Reminder for entrants with 3 days left for the competition (ends November 15, 2016. 11:59 PST), all worklogs must be updated up to the final build and all photos uploaded to the Gigabyte Mod2Win website in order to be considered for the final judgment. This is to match the entry submitted in the profile with the worklogs posted here.

    Completing your Modder Profile:
    1. Requirements for mod submission:
    ◦ The title of your mod entry.
    ◦ A description and concept of your mod entry.
    ◦ At least five pictures of your final mod entry with external and internal aesthetics (preferably high resolution, jpg file format, maximum size 1MB).
    ◦ At least one picture of your final entry with clearly recognizable GIGABYTE components (must be specified).
    ◦ One picture of your final entry with a hand written time-stamp for verification.

    2. Submitting your completed mod:
    Press the Complete Profile button under your profile - Complete Profile page:
    ◦ Once you complete your project, this will be considered your final submission and you will not be able to make further changes to your profile page.

    Entries that do not satisfy all stated rules on this page will be automatically disqualified.!


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      Final reminder for the deadline which is tomorrow November 15, 11:59 PST.

      For those having trouble editing their profile on the Gigabyte mod2win website, the registration has been reopened so users can either resubmit a profile or leave a message here so I can forward to Gigabyte and they can re-open the account on their end.