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GIGABYTE 30th Anniversary Mod Challenge - Mutation - scratch build



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  • GIGABYTE 30th Anniversary Mod Challenge - Mutation - scratch build

    This is a project that I worked of for a good part of the year, and also my first scratch build.

    Fractal Design

    Big thanks!

    Asus Rampage 3 Extreme
    Intel I7 950
    Kingston HyperX T1 1600mhz 24GB
    EVGA GTX980 SC
    Silverstone SX600‑G
    Samsung 850 EVO 250GB X2 (Raid 0)

    Fractal Design Venturi fans, HP 14 PWM X3
    Fractal Design Venturi fans, HF 12 X4
    Primochill Revolver SX fittings, UV Blue
    Primochill CTR II 360mm reservior
    Primochill pump top
    Primochill PETG tube
    Bitspower Summit EF CPU block
    Bitspower NGTX980 GPU block

    Darksidemods UV LED strip x5
    Darksidemods White LED strip x5
    MDPCX Sleeve
    MNPCTech Diamnond Knurl case feet

    The original desing that I had when starting the mod

    I used 1/8" aluminum for the interior panels, with the frame made out of v-slot extrusion from openbuilds. At this point in the build I was cutting all of the aluminum with a jigsaw

    The first two components to design around. I chose the HardwareLabs 420 radiator due to its slim size coming in just under 30mm. This was important to keep room for PSU and pump in the basement and also allowing tubes to pass through, while also keeping the case slim.

    first test of the motherboard tray

    Arrival of my Shapeoko 3 CNC

    Huge thanks to Fractal Design for decking out the rig with their venturi fans. They ended up looking great with their exposed blades contrasing against the lighter grey case panels.

    Also Huge thanks to Primochill for sponsoring the build with their recently launched RSX fittings, a giant 360mm reservoir, a pump top, and tubing. The last picture shows the UV blue/silver RSX fittings in natural light, mixed uv/natural, and full uv light. These worked great for the build as they blended with the raw aluminum, but also glow under uv light.

    Testing out some different ideas for cable coms cut with the CNC. I ended up cutting holes in the panes themselves and didn't use many cable combs in the build

    Most of the interior panels cut and the main watercooling parts mounted

    Tubing run

    This is the sleeving and lighting used throughout the build. MDPC Shade 19, Titanium-Grey, and Toxic Green. Lights are Darkside-Mods white and UV strips. These are controlled individually with PWM drivers to change between UV and white lighting.

    I had to rush to get the rig ready for PDXLan, so I didn't take any pictures while making the exterior panels, but I ended up having to patch a bunch of holes with bondo, and then repainted them a lighter grey. Here is the final result:

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    Hello, thank your participating and submitting your entry.

    Just as a reminder please makes sure you have done these other steps to qualify for the judging:

    1.) All required photos have to be uploaded up at as well.
    2.) Modder Profile and worklogs must be completed to be considered for final selection.
    Completing Your Worklog:
    -Post images and a description of your mod progress to the thread you created in the Modders Inc. forum under GIGABYTE 30th Anniversary Mod Challenge.
    -If you are entering with a completed or 'in progress' mod:
    *You must be able to provide a full worklog from start to finish with images and a description.
    *Your mod must not have started earlier than June 1, 2015.
    *Your mod cannot be an entry from a previous GIGABYTE Mod Contest.

    Completing your Modder Profile:
    -Requirements for mod submission:
    *The title of your mod entry.
    *A description and concept of your mod entry.
    *At least five pictures of your final mod entry with external and internal aesthetics (preferably high resolution, jpg file format, maximum size 1MB).
    *At least one picture of your final entry with clearly recognizable GIGABYTE components (must be specified).
    *One picture of your final entry with a hand written time-stamp for verification.

    -Submitting your completed mod:
    *Press the Complete Profile button under your profile - Complete Profile page:
    *Once you complete your project, this will be considered your final submission and you will not be able to make further changes to your profile page.


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      He's not the only one, but why do they even enter the competition when it clearly says you need Gigabyte components.


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        Originally posted by Duality92 View Post
        He's not the only one, but why do they even enter the competition when it clearly says you need Gigabyte components.
        I was hoping it was the initial build and he would update it last minute with alternate Gigabyte components. Oh well.