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#222 - ION Mod Idea by ttate2



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  • #222 - ION Mod Idea by ttate2

    Watt Meter Case Mod

    This case informs the user of the cost to operate the PC plus uses a real watt meter for an analog contrast to the digital device. When thinking of the next move in Battlefield Heroes, you can watch the dial spin and dials move.

    The base of the case is either a standard meter pan available at electric supply houses or a simple aluminum case. A channel (also available from electric supply house), is used to route the wires and show off a fine wiring job. A watt meter available from local utility (or me). The meter pans usually have jaws to receive the lugs. These might be removed to offer more room. Power supply input connects to the top two lugs of the meter and output to the PC is from the bottom two lugs. I show tow fans on the top but the opening for the service connection could form the channel for the fan.

    The B & D Energy Monitor can be acquired here: . It features a receptor that monitors the disk and transmits data to the remote display.

    The power and reset switches are the protected toggle type (red cover that prevents accidental activation). Having MiniCooper style protective loops on either side is a nice touch.

    The display is the full color touch screen type similar to those of many media center PCs. I’m thinking of something like these: Y=LCD%20Monitors

    A slot loading multi-format drive is located in the case to allow the easy use of games, movies, music.

    I have a drawing but have no place to post it so people can look it over. Any suggestions?

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