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#429 - ION Mod Idea by lexybot



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  • #429 - ION Mod Idea by lexybot

    My Design for a mini pc, is a Mini Tank losely based of mini tanks from Metal Slug the video game, New Dominon Tank police and the bonus Badger tank in UT2004.

    The lights for this project can easily be found on the worlds number 1 auction site, under police alarm clocks and sirens.

    The cannon could have a webcam built in (I have a spare one with led lights on it).

    If built using a remote control car/tank, this would be ideal. It could be unplugged and driven round the room which would be well cool. [And handy for transport]

    If the project dipped over budget I would assist to finish it as I really really want this thing to be built big time!
    [I not very good at making/modding cases ]

    I have a brand new map for ut2004 but no server to run it on currently should I win this contest.
    My new map/level (Which is full of mini Badger tanks) will be running on my prize.

    For those new to mini tanks I recommend looking up Metal Slug / Dominion Tank Police and going on ut2004 custom servers such as ominpotents.

    here is a sketch...

    New pic in last min b4 close of contest....

    Improved guide pic

    Thanks for looking and God Bless you,


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    #429 - ION Mod Idea by lexybot

    The Above design is a mix up of the various tanks that inspired it...

    I would'nt mind if the final mod was a bit different and unique.

    Here is the Unreal Tournament 2004 Badger and how it looks...


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      #429 - ION Mod Idea by lexybot

      And here is some pics of Bonaparte the mini tank from the Anime Dominion Tank police and New Dominon Tank Police.


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        #429 - ION Mod Idea by lexybot

        This is the last similar tank... From Metal Slug the Video game,

        Note that the ut2004 tank which is used in virtual 3d combat has the machine gun moved on top of the vehicle, this is a far better place for the gun as it has 360 degree turn and great for fighting.

        Each of these tanks are a 2 man tank although a third person often rides on top when needing a lift lol

        Please build this, it would be a dream come true for me!

        God Bless you,



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          #429 - ION Mod Idea by lexybot

          I sorry I didnt make a better schematic for building this thing, but I only just discovered this contest last mintue,

          Obviously this would make an awesome PC mod and is directly related to my fav hobbies and anime.

          Please please please build this, I will love you forever.


          p.s. bless your lil cotton socks


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            #429 - ION Mod Idea by lexybot

            When we gonna find out who's won, I so excitied can't wait to find out....