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What is the 2015 Staff vs Staff Case Mod Contest sponsored by Thermaltake



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  • What is the 2015 Staff vs Staff Case Mod Contest sponsored by Thermaltake

    Where are the official rules for our Staff vs Staff case modding contest: 1) We each start of the with the same case, the Thermaltake X1 Click image for larger version

Name:	Thermaltake_Logo.jpg
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ID:	40530Thermaltake X1 case 2) Each person can only spend $250 USD to create the actual case mod. Taxes are not included in the total for the $250 USD 3) A theme was picked to help keep us on the same playing field. You can pick from either the DOOM universe or the Quake universe or both Click image for larger version

Name:	games-doombox.jpg
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ID:	40532 Click image for larger version

Name:	3d_box_nospine_quake.jpg
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ID:	40531 4) Our completion time is from right now to July first. 5) All work on the mod must be done by the modder 6) IF you need to have something created that you cannot make yourself from what you have on hand (Graphics, 3D printing, media blasting, cutting metal and etc) you MUST deduct this from the $250. NO FRIEND OR BARTERING pricing is allowed. We want to represent the actual cost of creating the mods 7) You can use what you have on hand but you need to deduct CURRENT value from the $250. (Just because you have $1000 worth of something lying around doesn't mean you can use it for free) 8) Hardware (motherboard, CPU, Coolers and WC, RAM, ROM Drives, graphic cards, storage media) is optional. BUT if you have to "mod" the hardware the cost MUST be deducted from the $250 9) Tools bought to create the mod are NOT counted against the $250 USD 10) You MUST do a work log in the Modders-Inc forums for it to be in the contest. It can be either images or videos 11) The case must be on display at the booth of QuakeCon 2015 to be part of the contest
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    Who all is in the Staff vs Staff Mod Off this year D?

    "Moddin' ... Ain't It Cool!"