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Modding Beginner needs help



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  • Modding Beginner needs help

    Hey modder-community,
    I just signed up because I am planning to do a casemod. I am completely new to this scene and would like to know what's important to know.
    I would like to beginn with a cheap mod so any suggestions would be welcome.
    Sorry for no more information but maybe there are some people who are able to help a beginner.

    Thank you already

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    Statements based on scratch build modding,

    Try to find used or broken parts that match your build to use as place holders so that you don't use the actual parts while test fitting because one piece of metal sliver or debris can ruin your electronics package.

    Sometimes you even need to wrap your electronics parts in cellophane or place them into a zip-lock baggy before test fitting them so that you don't mess them up with things like spray paint or other building materials.

    Draw your idea out on paper take measurements have the parts on hand to insure proper alignment.

    Practice assembling the parts that is test fit the parts dry-run all of the wiring make sure they clear any fans and don't block the air flow etc...

    Be creative use unconventional building materials think about the use of recycled or reperpused construction materials in your build but most of all have fun


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      Yeah you right 1stgenmanbot as a beginner this is the right option to take some knowledge about it. Because practice makes the perfect, getraind start with broken parts
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