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Comic page case?



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  • Comic page case?

    Hi guys,

    So, I was watching Mighty car Mods season 4 finale ( and I noticed a cool idea to use manga pages instead of stickers for sticker bombing. I was thinking of using some of my old comic books to do a similar thing to my pc case. I have a cooler master Elite 430.

    Anyone tried this before? Anything I have to be aware of before proceeding except maybe checking that none of my comics are worth thousands of dollars? Any tips of what kind of glue and clear coat to use?

    Also is it possible to do the same for the monitors?

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    I would use some 3M spray adhesive, you can get it at just about any hardware place. Then just use some clear spray paint. Of course let the glue dry for one day then I wold go back and lightly spray the paper once, let it dry. Then repeat a few times. I think this might keep the paper from changing color.

    Sure, you could so this to any surface.
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