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  • Core P5 Full Case Mod Help

    Hi all, i am new to this forum so forgive me and inform me if i am posting in the wrong section!

    I purchased recently and created my own water cooled PC using the Thermaltake core p5 case,

    I love the case and it looks amazing and would like to mod the case slightly and would love it if someone could help me!

    So...I wish to create a metal "Sleeve" which i can use to slide on and off the PC which would cover the slides / top / bottom. The reason for this is that when i am cleaning my room etc dust is flying around and causes problems with my PC (as its an open air case). It will also be used in summer to help reduce temps of the water.

    So could someone help me? Or point me to a company that could help me complete this task and i am willing to pay .

    The design i have in mind is to have a metal sleeve which has an I/O port cut out of it (for I/O on mobo) on the left side, and to have some sort of fan mounting abilities to create a good airflow within my PC, it would be able to slide onto case and then meet the front glass window flush creating a nice seal and keeping a good view into the PC . maybe someone who has this case could recommend where these fans would be best suited? whether it be by my PSU or onto of the case etc etc...

    Here is a picture of my actual PC as this may help and i will also give a link to the PC case online for a better view of the case

    Click image for larger version

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    Thanks to all that reply and help in any way possible!