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Issues with crating an external fan monitor !!HELP!!



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  • Issues with crating an external fan monitor !!HELP!!


    I'm trying to build a custom case. Due to the teme of the build, I'm trying to make use of a manual fan monitor. However, I'm having issues finding out how to read the fan speed from the fan itself, if at all possible. The idea is to have a needle that follows the rpm of the fans in the case. Perhaps i'l try to add an termostat that shows the temprature inside the case, so prefrably i hope for a solution that do not screw up this possebilety or perhaps enables the use of said temprature monitoring.

    In layman's terms, I hope someone here has a clue where I can find guides or help me understand how I can read the rpm from the fan, preferably directly.

    In advance thanks.