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First Time Modding Dismantling MSI Armor mk2



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  • First Time Modding Dismantling MSI Armor mk2

    Hi so this is gonna be my first time modding, I am getting all the parts I need and am planning on going all out for a themed build. One of the biggest problems with pc parts is that they normally only fit to one theme style, unless you don't mind the mix matched colors. But I just ordered a msi RX580 armor mk2 gpu, and I am thinking about doing a pink and black theme for my pc, as you will find the gpu is black and red, but where the red color is around the fan, on the framming, I was considering taking the red frame part off and painting it a different color, I wanted to know if anyone know how to dismantle it. I also wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions, because I would assume am going to have to do a full disembly on the gpu, would it be a good idea to replace the thermal paste? I am assuming the thermal pads would still be in a good condition and not need to be replaced since its brand new.

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    Always redo the thermal paste.
    Cut it, Paint it, Mod it. Void Your Warranty
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