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  • Cross by Red Harbinger

    Here I am with a new project
    As some of you might know, ever since I finished the L3p D3sk project all 6 of us have been busy with the company named Red Harbinger. This team exists out of these great persons.

    First project ... to improve, re-design and compatibilize the L3p D3sk.

    This will be completely different compared to my other buildlogs..
    It's the build of the first prototype available for the market soon.
    I thought, if I have to test it anyway....
    why not make a buildlog and use this opportunity to get as much as possible input from you readers.

    Please keep in mind this is a prototype.
    Few things we already changed months ago in the design but aren't in this prototype yet.
    - Leg height 2 1/2" lower
    - Illuminating the legs
    - Lots of small things
    - Got a dual system version, should've been single

    So here we go!
    Can you imagine how excited I was after 12 months having this in front of my door?

    Right after unpacking it, just had to see how it would look like

    'Few' hours later.


    1. Unpacking the desk
    2. Renders
    3. The hardware part 1
    4. The hardware part 2
    5. Cross buildroom
    6. Inspecting the prototype

    Sponsors & Partners

    For now we aren't planning to build the desks with hardware or watercooling setups.
    There will be a version for a single pc and dual pc setup in different colors.
    We do have plans for all kind nice options and extra's.
    Here a newspost from Thomas about the price and plans. -

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    Cross by Red Harbinger

    First of all, again want to remind you this is a prototype.


    So .... there it was.
    No idea what the actual weight was incl all glass panels and some other stuff I needed.
    I think around 90-100Kg.
    I was 'home alone' and tried pulling/pushing it, but didn't move an inch.

    5 minutes later it even started to rain

    Since there wasn't a neighbour available either I came up with a thousands of years old idea.
    It worked pretty well :P

    My heart still bouncing. Package was just as big as my couch.

    First top package contained these panels for the legs (old design) and the glass for the shelf.
    (Other top package contained some hardware you'll see later)

    Glass for the shelf connected to the legs.
    It has a frosted bottom and rounded edges.

    And a lasered logo on top.

    The big package exists out of 3 smaller boxes. Top one contains the desk itself and all smaller stuff needed for the desk.

    As you can see the desk will come partly assembled.

    Second level contains the big top glass panel

    With a frosted bottom edge, also a small logo and off course rounded edges.

    The third and last box contains the assembled legs, backside cover (where PSU and all cables go), and the panel between the legs for more stability.
    (This panel got a great improvement in the next prototype on looks and stability, you'll see it later)


    Unpacking the small stuff.

    Leg and backside cover on the background.

    Unboxing the desk.

    Back side.

    It's incredibly huge ... I knew the size but still the only word that came up in me was WOW!

    Well.. I was still on my own, so had to find a way to lift it on the legs just for a few photos

    Really love this color and way of powdercoating.
    Off course it will be available in many colors/finishes.

    The grommets!
    Well I got a few spares I guess.

    The switches. What color do you guys prefer?

    My choice is black/red led

    Glass panel on top of the desk. (Still without rubber seal)

    As you guys can see it's pretty high, we lowered the next prototype about 2 1/2".

    king/550/P1120726.JPG" alt="" />

    I found a good purpose for that quite unhandleable box

    Tomorrow I'll post some (concept) renders we're busy with incl. the monitor stand. -


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      Cross by Red Harbinger


      Well I got some questions about the possible colors and the monitor stand.
      Maybe this post will make some things clear.
      There's also a render coming up with all the in and outside measurements in mm and inch to answer some of your questions.

      These were made by perfect cooperation between Shawn and Scott
      First of all an exploded view of the prototype I have here.

      And the HDD bracket I personally won't be using for this build but will be in the standard desk.

      Our plans are to have the desk in a few standard colors.
      However there is an option to order the desk completely color-customized.
      So this render is just to show what parts could be in your own custom color.

      The monitor stand.
      This is still just a concept, but we're working on it

      Also a concept we're busy with.
      Don't ask for details

      And some renders of a white desk with concept reservoirs.



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        I'm sorry guys but my buildlog will stop here.
        Thanks for all the support in my buildlogs over here! -