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  • Project: "TOP SECRET" G1-ZEN MODZ


    I'm in the proses of modding my first case. this build is still work in progress.
    I have been working on some custom water cooling parts as well as modding the case.
    among other things, this is a Silverstone FT02 that started off silver. painted in burnt orange.
    Sorry no gray yet.

    Parts list:

    CPU: I5 4590 @ 3.80 GHZ
    GPU: GTX 590
    RAM: 16GB DDR3-(11-11-11-30) / G.SKILL R.J. @ 2100mhz
    PSU: Cougar CMX 1000w
    Storage: OCZ agility 3 240gb @ 2tb hdd.
    Case :Silverstone FT02

    Project: "Fallout 4"

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    Thank you for looking, Still working on it.

    Hope you like it what I have done so far, a lot more work still to be done.
    Cheers, Zen.


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        It's getting there.

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          Hello all, Here is a small update, Added a cover to the GPU to hide the fittings

          Gone over the face panel again with with some fin detail and added some matting base paint to all the rust to make it pop a bit more. and scotched some parts of the face panel to dull it up a bit.

          Started doing some work on the cover door for the ROG base panel/DVD drive and so on.

          Also Getting the vents all painted and bent up. and adding texture too them as well.

          Have not had a lot of time to get much more done. but it's all starting to take shape.


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            Hello again,

            I've been adding the details to the front frame door, And starting to add the textures. then will be adding the mesh to it.

            Thank you for looking.


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              A bit more progress, Added screws to the side panel, finished the 2nd door. And working on some more weathering textures on the grill to make it look like water has been running off it, that's still work in progress. And added hinges to the grill as well, so I can open it to clean the fan filters.

              Input and feedback is welcome.

              Cheers, Zen.

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                Cats out of the bag.

                I did not want to say want I'm trying to build till I knew if I could pull it off. Being this is my Fist try at Modding a PC. I needed to make sure I could make it happen.

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                  Working on some red and blue caps.

                  Fun little things. I think,


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                    First Tag plate done.


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                      Hi This one is a bit bigger. 520mm x 180mm.

                      Been playing on the CNC.

                      I'm going to be painting it as well but the font Fallout 4 will be lit with LED's
                      from the bottom. and the rest will be painted to match the case.
                      the plan is to frame it and mount it to the top of the case like a billboard.

                      Hope you like it.

                      Again thank you for looking.

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                        I have been using the Dremel at work so far. So was thinking it's about time I got one, And here it is my first ever Dremel.

                        I have been working on the Fallout logo. so have not had the time to do much on the case. but here is where I'm up to with the case. Such slow progress. But I guess in saying that there is a lot to do.

                        Thank you again for looking.

                        Cheers, Zen.


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                          Hi again have not had much mod time this week. But here is what I have done so far.

                          Here is a small step by step on the mounts for the billboard for the top of the case. will have two holding it up. I just need to work out the best way to make it work.

                          Here is the back of the Fallout sign, still need to add weather marks but not until the mounts are fitted to it.

                          Here is the face door, its just about done now. Added a spring to the left side to keep i closed. will add a pic for that later as I forgot to take one.

                          Thank you again for look

                          Cheers, Ken.


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                            And the rust just keeps going. I going to start calling my self the Rust converter. I think my next build will be cleaner.

                            Thanks for looking.


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                              Thanks again for following this build. Would love to know what you think of it so far. All feed back is welcome as always.

                              Cheers, Ken.
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