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[Worklog] DOHCDragons - QuakeCon 2015 Half XB



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  • [Worklog] DOHCDragons - QuakeCon 2015 Half XB

    Quakecon 2015 Half XB


    1. Case was inspired by the Quakecon motto "Peace, Love and Rockets".
    2. All 3d printed parts of the case where designed from scratch in Sketchup.
    3. All 3d printed parts are made of ABS plastic
    4. The Heart has moving gears that are powered by the fan underneath them.
    5. There are 66 bright white leds that light up the Q on the front of the case.
    6. The top of the case was replaced with a hand made peace of Plexiglas. The part that looks factory was masked and painted by hand.
    7. Each Side of the case is an individual peace of artwork. Representing Quakecon, Peace, Love and Rockets.
    8. Hardware Specs: Intel i7 3960x, G-Skill 32GB DDR3, Asus X79 Motheboard, EVGA Geforce 980 GTX, Revo 3 X2 240gig PCIE Hard Drive,
    Cooler Master 1300w silent pro, XS PC water cooling system.

    The Build:

    I started this case in May 2015. It has been alot of work to individually design, print and test each peace. I am proud of what i have created and i believe it is a perfect Representation of what i was trying to do. I Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoyed creating it. This Build log is more to show how i built it. It will not have the many failures i built along the way. Without making mistakes this is a long process. Each peace has to be designed, printed, tested, reprinted or modified until you get the part you are looking for.

    Part of the design was to make parts of the inside white. This required all rivets removed, everything masked and then painted. it was a lot of work but very rewarding:

    Whiterice allowed me to use his garage and helped me get the painting done.

    The Q was the first thing i decided to design and print:

    First it had to be designed

    This process varies, This took me a few days of free time to design.
    Next I print the parts.

    just the orange part of the q took over 5 hours and that's before clean up and glue.

    After all printed had to add Leds. there are 66 in the Q alone.

    Test the lighting:

    Put it together:

    Then Mount it to the front of the case:

    Next I built the Peace Logo. This is built on an orange plasma shield. I special ordered the shield from China.

    Here it is sitting beside the Q

    Next I had to design the Plastic that would make it a peace logo. I really wish it was as easy as it is to paste the picture here.. but I enjoy the work so at least it is fun.

    More printing. This is just the risers.

    Once everything is printed it has to be assembled:

    Because of the size of the electronics the case has to be modified to allow the electronics inside the case.

    The Plasma shield fit perfectly inside and out.

    Unfortunately the orange plasma shield stopped working after a few hours of running. After doing a lot of research and a little luck i was able to acquire a plasma ball that uses a similar plasma driver.

    The only issue was that i needed to find a place for the oversized plasma charger that came out of the plasma ball. I designed this part from scratch.

    It took a little elbow grease but it came out beautiful.

    Time for Love


    The gears needed to be glued together. Using an aluminum rod and a Cup i was able to make a jig.

    Adding a little elbow grease and a few aluminum rods. not to mention a gear glued to a fan, and you get a completed heart:

    And rockets!

    Print them.

    Glue it together

    And finished

    Time to mount and install all the hardware. Fans, Watercooling equipment. This case is amazing for hiding all the stuff you want hidden. There is plenty of room for the massive 1300 watt power supply.

    After all the hardware was put in i decided to add a Shield to the 980 GTX to make it match the case.

    And alot of wiring and other things and the case is completed:

    The imgur Album is located here:

    I put up a couple videos to show friends you can find them here:
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