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Siege by Shadotracker - Corsair 570x mod



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  • Siege by Shadotracker - Corsair 570x mod

    Hello all! I'm back at it again with another mod! This time it will be in a Corsair 570x!

    I would like to thank Corsair for giving me a chance to mod this beautiful case!!

    This case is a really beautiful case with tempered glass on 4 sides! Also it as enough room to do as you please in regards to your imagination!

    This case design will be based on Rainbow Six: Siege, a game that I have played since the beta and still play it to this day! In fact, Siege will complete its first full year of release soon and I would love to honor their success with this build!

    Case - Corsair 570x
    Motherboard - TBD
    GPU - TBD
    CPU - i5-6600k
    RAM - Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR4 - White LED
    SSDs - Corsair Force Series LE 240GB
    PSU - Corsair HXi 750W

    Cooling - Custom water cooling

    Time for this build to begin!!

    Within the game, Rainbow Six: Siege, there is a drone that the attackers can use to scout for intel of the enemies' location on the map. Once, the enemy was located, the attacker would hide their drone in various manners to be used latter on in the match. Below is a concept art of what the drone initially looked like before the final version of the drone appeared in the game.

    Using this image and in-game stills that I have from my own gameplay, I shall re-create the drone and have it "hide" in the computer as a reservoir. So I set out to my local hobby store and got some off-road RC truck tires and fitted them onto my reservoir that I will be using in this build.

    A couple days latter I received my first package from Corsair.

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    I got some more Corsair goodies recently!!!

    I've started to prepare certain part for sanding and painting which will happen soon!

    More stuff to take place soon!


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      Time for some updates!!

      Before I did the complete dissasembly of the case, I had to take some measurements to create the psu shroud and the front area for what I had to do.

      I did mock up the PSU shroud with some posterboard that I have to make sure everything fits properly.

      Once I was happy with the mock up job I did based on my measurements. I took to sketchup to 3d model the measurements for future purposes.

      Now onto drilling out all of the pop rivets!!

      All the panels dissasembled!

      Next up, painting time....also a slight tease for now...


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        Time for the paint!!!

        I will be using some Dupicolor automotive paint

        Overall it turned out pretty good! Started with gunmetal with light flakes then did "see-through" shadow then topped it with a clear coat. It gives it a gun metal powder coated look

        Also I have received some my shipment of parts that I ordered!!!

        Next time is reassembly among other fancy things!!


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          I finished up painting some additional pieces. Painted the mounts for the glass along with the heat spreaders for the RAM.

          Time for the reassembly!!

          Also I was able to get a very nice motherboard and processor for this build!!

          With the TUF thermal armor, I decided to take it off and paint it to match the case along with doing some touch up on the case itself.

          Next time...some clay sculpting?!?!


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            Time to assemble the major components together!!

            I love how the paint job on the heat spreaders for the fan turned out!

            Time for some cable management on the backside of the case. Along with mounting the Corsair Link and RGB controllers for the fans.

            Testing fitment of the reservoir with a mock up psu shroud. Additionally, I added cable combs to the front.


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              As I teased a bit earlier in the thread, I did some clay modeling with the reservoir!!

              I started with this picture as a reference.

              From here I went and added clay all around the reservoir itself. Made a nice thick layer to carve all the excess and details from.

              From there I carved the excess while streaming on Twitch as a way to involve those that wanted to learn more about modding and building computers.

              After a couple of hours of carving I was able to get the basic shape.

              From there I went to go spray paint it into a gunmetal with some black gloss. Once that was done I clear coated it and let it cure. Later this week I will go back with some fine paint brushes to add more detail on the drone.

              Additionally, not pictured was that I took some 2 way mirror acrylic and cut them down to size for the front panel. I plan on doing something a bit different with the front panel.


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                A quick update. Finally settled on the color I wanted for the drone reservoir. It took me 2 weeks and multiple different colors of silver and grey, but I am pleased with what I have done.

                Additionally, I have received an ASUS 1060 for this build.

                There will be another update later tonight if not tomorrow showing all the cables!!