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[Build Log] Metroid -A 3D printed computer case



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    Turns out programming isn't as easy as I had hoped. I have a friend or two giving me a hand. In the meanwhile, I picked up 2 more sponsors! This is greatly appreciated and welcomed.

    First off is GEIL with supplied 2x8gb SUPER LUCE 2400 DDR4 RGB Ram

    Next is ThermalTake who graciously supplied RGB fans, PSU, and a sweet CPU cooler

    Engine 27 CPU cooler (first time for me seeing an all metal fan, looks awesome!)

    Thermaltake Toughpower Series PSU SFW 600W

    Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 RGB Fans + TT Sync Controller


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      Back again! I've been doing small things that didnt warrant many photos (trying to learn to program, ended up having my 2 buddies help me), and rearranging computer components.
      I'm nearing completion though! I will probably have 1 more update after this then it will be final photos and a time lapse video of the build/3D print process. My buddy is working on the music for that video atm. Anyway, on to the smaller update here:

      This is the rear of the case. Its fitting the Thermaltake Riing RGB fan. I wanted to keep the fan removable because I need to get my hand in the computer case to plug the fans in once I put the top on. I ended up using magnets to hold the fan in place (located at each corner).

      This is the top of the case with another Thermaltake Fan. This is permenantly installed in the case no need for removal here.

      This is experimental. I'm using translucent red plastic to use as pseudo cable sleeves for psu/power button/Asus 1080 card. I think it looks good, but what do you think?

      Also you can see I went with Thermaltakes Riing Cpu cooler. I was afraid it would be too tall but it is about an inch short of hitting the top of the case so no worries.


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        Probably last update until the final photos and video! I'll have it at PAX East 2018 if anyone is going to be there by chance.
        Got the lighting done! I have it wired into the PSU so it doesn't need additional outlets to be plugged in.

        This is the window side. Just printed some flat sides to cover up gaps the acrylic window leaves.

        These are little "feet" that help guide the top frame onto the body. They are angled so the top section slides on them.

        Next is I decided to self-promote on the SSD since it was looking bland anyway

        My finalized wiring job

        Be back in a week or two with the final photos! (probably post video a little after that).


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          Video is done! Link is under here, will be back with photos soon!

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            Large photo dump inbound!!!!!
            -ASUS ROG Strix X370-I

            -ASUS GTX 1080 Turbo

            -GeIL 16gb DDR4 Super Luce RAM

            -Thermaltake SFW Toughpower 600w fully modular PSU

            -Thermaltake Riing RGB Fans (120mm, 200mm, Cpu cooler)


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              it's a great idea what blocks