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  • TankianDesk

    Hi everyone, Im happy to share with you my new project, its a PCDesk Mod

    Well since my last mod didnt receive the "shares" I wanted from the brands (HAF in HALF video: ) that supported the build, I wanna move foward to this one and make something unique and possible for everyone, thats something I always try to pass for those who see my content, everyone can do this you just gotta plan everything well enough to avoid major problems.
    Why a desk? Well I dont like big cases and since "setups" are starting to be a trend I wanna remake my own so nothing better than make a new desk with a PC built in.

    So key words are:
    - Confort
    - Performance (air flow/temperatures)
    - Simplicity

    Well still need to edit all the content about it, but for now this is what I have to show

    Best Regards Tankian
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    Hi everyone!
    Well I just realese a video yesterday about the project and I have more photos to show you. Basicly I've already than a lot in the "wood" working and I'm quite happy with the result I was expecting a bit more dificulties in this part. Right now I'm waiting for the metal plate to get ready to continue the project.



    Best Regards tankian!


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      Mega update this weekend :rockout:

      Sneak Peak!

      Best Regards!


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        Hi everyone!

        As I promise big update today, work myself hard these Saturday to place everything together, IM EXCITED!

        So I started with the fake bottom, making all the holes for cable routing/management. I don't want to attach the "fake bottom" in "bented" plate mostly because if I decide to redo anything in the future I will be able to remove it.
        As you guys saw I did all the motherboard standoffs holes with a old motherboard only to be easier and more accurate, It ended up really well!
        The fans was a bit disappointing I wanted to use a big drill to open a 110mm circle for each fan, but after waiting 1 week for that drill the store told me that I need to wait 3/4 mouths because they doesn't had stock available, so I decided to go with the octagon style.
        After doing all of these, big moment, atatch everything together, I was a bit afraid with the plate that stay in the top back, mostly because it will be use to secure the monitor holder, but after screw it against the metal it got really strong, so problem solved!
        The two wooden bars that I use in the back are basicly to pass cables between the wall and the wood plank in the back, creating 50mm of space between the desk and the wall for the air that comes from the out-take fans go away.

        Well lets move on to the photos and video! :rockout:



        When the plate arrived

        Cutting holes for cable routing in the "fake bottom" plate

        Motherboard standoffs holes done.

        Fans Holes

        First Idea with the fans then I decided to go for 2 in each side and 2 in the middle

        Power Supply back hole

        Motherboard shield hole

        GPU hole, with the 1080 ti testing is future home ahaha

        Current state photos, here you can see the wooden bars in the back giving me the extra 5cm for cables and air flow

        And last the guy trying to make a pc desk xD

        Well I hope everyone like it!

        Best Regards Tankian!


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          Hi everyone!
          Well after 3 week I have news about the project, I manage to sand all the wood and metal pieces to apply the primer and even make some "upgrades" to the project concept.

          So first I had to apply all the polyester in the areas needed, I even had to apply it more thant one time in the same place, something I expect but took me a bit more time to set everything ready to primer the desk.
          After aplying it in some areas I decide to make a rim all arround the top area to give a bit more resistance to the desk and provide a better surface for the glass, at the same time providing a trim all around the center "hole" to place some LED if needed.
          Then was time to apply once again polyester in some areas to make everthing look better.
          After sanding and applying the primer I realise something was a bit miss align in for the glass so before painting and get mad about the miss align thing yesterday I decide to correct it, I applied again primer to the front section and order the glass!

          Before jumping into the video and photos I wanna say that I'm doing some livestreams about this project in twtich:

          Let see how thing went!



          Subwoofer Stand

          Polyester and sanding

          Water Cooling "ideas"

          Primer applied

          Small correction I did

          So any thoughts about it?

          Next phase is basicly make small holes for any cable I need to pass to the back of the case and starting to sand again for painting!
          Anyways there is still a lot to do but with time and patience thing will ne finish!

          Best Regards tankian!
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            Hi everyone another update!

            So I manage to paint the desk, even painted 2 times, in the first time the coulor was to dark so I had to paint the desk again. After painting the outside I used black matte spray for the inside.
            Then I moved to the legs, I dont know if some of you spot the idea in the beginning when I did the legs but I always wanted to make it like this, so you kinda have the computer connected to the desk (even more).

            Didnt had time for more mostly because I had my first modding workshop, and if I believe the first in portugal so it took me a lot of time to set everything for that workshop.

            Some photos about the workshop

            Anyways lets move to the videos and photos!




            Desk first paint work (didnt took photos from the 2nd paint work):

            Leg lights:

            Some standoff I decide to buy:

            Honestly I didnt took that much photos, so defenetly I recomend you to see the video to see how everything was done.
            Still have a lot of work to do but with time things will be done I'm 100% commited to this project!

            If you wanna keep it touch with the desk you guys can follow my twitch channel I've been doing some live streams about it.

            Best Regards tankian!


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              Hi everyone after 1 month of waiting for parts, solving costums insues I'm back and happy to announce the last build phase video.

              So basicly was about time to bring the desk inside my room and start mounting everything, weld the LED's needed and mounting the water cooling.
              The water cooling will be in soft tube, mostly because I didnt found any sponsor, besides Cooler Master that decided to enter in this last month, and to moving for hard tube I needed to buy again new fittings that I already had bought, it was impossible for my wallet lol

              So lets move to the video and photos:




              Back trim

              When I got the desk inside

              Started to mount everything

              USB HUB

              RGB LED's and 5 fan splitter

              Welding and testing LED's

              Testing with fans

              Secound idea and final for the water cooling

              First run in 1 month

              Moving the "old" desk to place the new one

              Sneak peak

              So there you have it!
              This weekend I will be posting the final photos and video about the desk so stay tunned!

              Best Regards,
              Tankian the Man


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                Great work!
                Post final pictures now! lol


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                  Hi everyone!

                  Happy to announce the final result about this project!

                  LETS GO!



                  Many thanks to all modders-inc members that in some way helped me with "good vibes" hope I match the expectations!
                  I'm curious to see what you guys have to say!

                  Best Regards,

                  Tankian the Man
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                    Awesome job man!
                    Nice and clean.

                    I do have a question about your front facing and rear fans. The one in the middle is a dangerous location if you are sitting right in front of them. You know what i mean?

                    Its hard to see the back of the desk but do you have enough space for the fans to vent? Its going to be pretty toasty back there.


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                      Originally posted by IdiotWithGuns View Post
                      Awesome job man!
                      Nice and clean.

                      I do have a question about your front facing and rear fans. The one in the middle is a dangerous location if you are sitting right in front of them. You know what i mean?

                      Its hard to see the back of the desk but do you have enough space for the fans to vent? Its going to be pretty toasty back there.

                      Well after 1 week everything was been ok with the fans in the midle, because I still have space between the fans and me. In the back I have 5cm's and so far anything to point out, been running some stress test with the fans at 40% and everything is still in low temps


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                        Hi everyone!

                        I've made a video explaining how much I spent in my project, hope with this I can give you an idea

                        Best Regards,
                        Tankian the Man


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                          holy hell yes I'm pretty much loving this so yeah I guess I might just make a desk computer so yeah. Carpet Cleaning


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                            More stuff like this please! Found it to be very inspirational right when I was looking for inspiration. I don't think this pc table will last very long.


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                              Cool. Pretty nice how you made your imagination come to life.