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  • [Staff Mod] Boosted

    Hey everyone, I just want to start by saying I'll be working on formatting at a later date and I'll just be throwing here what I have for now to enable followers to do exactly that, follow.

    The name of this mod mod is "Boosted". Why boosted? Let me just explain this first and say how to mod was born.

    YouTuber "Major Hardware" is having a sort of fan showdown on his YouTube page where users can submit a fan blade design that he then puts on a Noctua fan hub and he rates them that way, this got me and my engineering mind to work, days past, weeks, suddenly I went to my parts bin in my shop to look for a specific fan and voila! Behold a 92mm, 38mm thick, 5000 RPM server fan from an Alienware Aurora R4 case! With that fan in hand, I could now start designing my idea.

    My idea was to create a sort of electric turbo, have it functional and supplying the whole system with cooling with it. At first I thought about having it supply air for the GPU and CPU via ducts to their heatsinks, but that quickly escaladed to what I'll be showing you today.

    Designing the fan was a fun learning experience for me as I work in SolidWorks, I never drew such a complicated parts with functions I normally do not use. So I knew I had to design it in three parts (ended up being 4, more on that later). I needed the turbo housing to be split in half to accommodate the turbo, so I ended up with the top housing, bottom housing and turbine.

    After designing I quickly realized I was at the limit of my 3D printer, so I had to shorten out the exhaust tube to make it fit along with re-adjusting the initial mounting hole locations, this brought me to four parts for the turbo itself.

    Then I started modding a Corsair 900D by removing the 5.25" bays, then making a cutout for the turbo itself with car intake performance cone filter, like you see on some turbo'd cars. For mounting the turbo, I simply used a sort of mounting cube made from 1515 aluminium t-slot from Spotswoods which made it super simple to mount. I then wanted to make this case more 2020 and the scratched-by-looking-at-it acrylic side panel didn't cut it. After looking through my stock on cases, I found that the InWin 509 window side panel fits really, really well on the case, oddly close. I then modded the InWin 509 glass mounts, which are screws on the 509 to fit the Corsair 900D to create the first real tinted tempered glass side panel in the world (that I'm aware?). I then took the old acrylic panel and will be using it to clean all the passthroughs and empty area where the 5.25" bays used to be (thinking green!)

    This done it was time to move on to the next step, installing some hardware to keep planning and modding the next steps. I installed the motherboard (Gigabyte C621 Aorus Xtreme), two bottom radiators (EKWB Classic PE 360 and SE 360), radiator/pump (EKWB Kinetic FTL 240), PSUs (two Seasonic Prime 1300W Platinums with CableMod Pro ModMesh cables), then my next hurdle was to figure out how I would take the air intake from the turbo and send it to the radiators, this is when I put my design skills to the test once again, I designed an intake manifold with one 2" entrace and eight 1-1/4" exits to fit right between both radiators!

    This is about where I'm at right now.
    Here's a list of what I still need to do in no particular order.

    • Add pictures to this thread.
    • Design flange to bolt on the manifold
    • Cut up the manifold for 3D printing
    • 3D print manifold
    • 3D print flange
    • Get 2" tubing for the plumbing (car exhaust tubing likely)
    • Cut mid plate for cable/tubing passthrough
    • Paint radiator fins to silver to look like intercoolers (both)
    • Surprise mod that I'm not sure will work
    • Add LEDs in the case to see everything when the glass is on
    • Disassemble everything in the case to respray black everywhere from all the cuts, break clean up any cuts that are still "raw"
    • Reassemble everything
    • Vinyl decals?
    • Plumb watercooling

    Completed hardware list
    CPU : TBD (Xeon Gold 5218 ES place holder) with EKWB Velocity WS
    Motherboard : Gigabyte C621 Aorus Xtreme
    RAM : Team Group 6*8GB Grey Vulkan Z
    GPU : TBD (GTX 780 place holder)
    SSD : HP EX900 256GB with PCIE adapter
    PSUs : Dual Seasonic Prime 1300W Platinum with Custom CableMod ModMesh Pro cables
    Case : Corsair 900D with InWin 509 parts
    Cooling : EKWB Classic PE 360 and SE 360, EKWB Kinetic FTL D5 240
    Accessories : CableMod Vertical GPU bracket
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      Got quite a few things done!

      Design flange to bolt on the manifold
      Cut up the manifold for 3D printing
      Cut mid plate for cable/tubing passthrough
      Paint radiator fins to silver to look like intercoolers (both)
      Disassemble everything in the case to respray black everywhere from all the cuts, break clean up any cuts that are still "raw"
      Reassemble everything

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        photo dump!


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          • So I put some white LEDs behind the custom frosted Modders-Inc logo to have it constantly glow white, regardless of case RGB colors. I also put some black paint marker on the glue I used for the volt meters and one ended up bleeding a bit into the front, but it's not really apparent thankfully.
          • I put three red LED Phobya temperature gauges, one will be intake temperature, one exhaust temperature and the other is water temperature. I put intake probe in the turbo housing, I put exhaust probe through the bottom radiator, I enlarged some fins to pass the wire through and sealed it with some hot glue, I then used some thermal resistant tape to secure the water temperature probe to the brass tubing to measure temperature without any flow restriction.
          • I bought a 4" long, 2" ID silicone coupling, cut in half to have two 2" long couplings. I put some AEM branding with vinyl cut since they will be sponsoring the intake filter for this build and offer silicone couplings, but none of them have their branding on it.
          • I then added the @moddersinc tag on the glass like some do on their cars and I also added orange vinyl to two VRM fins to add a bit more to the subtle orange theme.
          • Next is adding orange under LEDs, I just gotta figure out where I'll be taking my 12V from.
          • On top of that, I'm debating on the type of aesthetics I'll be using for the GPU power.


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            • I modded my GPU to have a white LED strip straight on the 12V to make that waterblock really pop.
            • I took some car harness tape to fit the car theme to manage the temperature sensor and all the orange LEDs (top, rear, above front rad and behind the intake tube), this is made in a way that the case has one Molex to power everything.
            • I decided finally on a method to do my GPU cable, a sort of hybrid between harness tape and sleeved cables, I think it's great.
            • Now, I'm missing the rest of the watercooling and air filter from AEM.


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              Working on finishing that mid wall cover


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                Mod surprise I was hoping worked, but I had absolutely no idea, with a little bit of trafficking, I managed to get a car tach to read fan tach, seems simple in theory but it's not, a car tach reads 12V ignition cycles and is adjusted per the quantity of cylinders, but a fan tach pulses <1V signal, so anyways, I got a tach to pulse a 12V signal instead so that a car tachometer can read it.

                I also dissected a TT Riing Trio, took the exterior dual ring, removed the cable, soldered a new one and jumped the dual ring to make a double sided single ring instead, then I put it in the cone filter to make a fully ARGB cone filter (how many to you think will be at SEMA 2021?)

                I also added the last small part of acrylic to finish the motherboard tray.


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                  Orange powder coated charge pipe adds a perfect amount of orange inside the case, also got my
                  EK Water Blocks
                  goodies to finish off this build! Now, all that's left is some ARGBs do do and putting the AEM filter on the build and I'll be done so consider this the last update before final pictures!


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                    Last picture before the final photoshoot


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                      bitter sweet end!

                      I'm not 100% sure I will get the AEM stuff in time, so in the mean time, here are the final pictures in case I don't get it in time for the competition ending at Dazmode!

                      Whole album :