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Yaiba kusanagi casemod cyberpunk 2077



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  • Yaiba kusanagi casemod cyberpunk 2077

    next mod coming soon I could not miss this new project another adventure begins.
    thanks to my sponsors

    motherboard asrock Z390M PRO 4
    cpu intel core I7 9700KF
    gpu inno3d geforce rtx 2080 super twin x2 oc
    cooling EKWB custom loop
    crucial memory ballistix max 32 gb kit
    crucial memory ssdmx500 x2
    crucial memory M2 1TB P1
    psu seasonic prime PX850W
    cable mod hardwire
    addictional fan coolermaster 200 MF R RGB​

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    first stock of ekwb material arrived

    a lot of material but the eye only falls on 2 elements
    the massive waterblock for the RTX 2080 and the CPU block VELOCITY

    Let's starts ..


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      the dances begin now that I have most of the material at hand I can evaluate the dimensions ...
      I start from aluminum strips to build the side frames, a very delicate operation, so both must be extremely precise, maximum precision

      I try to be faithful to the sketch created (which I don't show you ...) one eye on the render and one on the hardware, I cut ..

      it is not at all easy to make them the same once you have made one proceed with the second by placing it on the first.

      as already done for black hawk silt slightly the heads of the rivets this because could annoy the insertion of the side panels.

      next step to consolidate the structure with steel tubulars between the 2 frames.


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        today I focus on the lower part, power supply housing, construction of the supports that will support the shock absorbers
        those who know me from the beginning know that I like to recycle parts of disused PCs near the landfill, today it has been the turn of an old HP the sheet is incredibly thick and robust
        cut and shape that interests me.

        these supports are very important because as mentioned, in addition to housing the shock absorbers, they will also support the acrylic bars to close the structure on the back
        more forward you will be all clearer ..


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          today 3 steps
          I had already prepared the support for the power supply unit but I was not happy and did not allow for excellent heat dissipation.

          everything is designed in such a way that its replacement or removal is also easy

          realization of the supports for the positioning of the tank and integrated pump these strips will further strengthen the structure which is not yet stable
          as we proceed, everything will consolidate.

          EKWB also provides an adhesive where to make the holes very comfortable, all time saved.

          I also drill holes on the opposite side with a larger diameter so that they can be accessed with the fixing screws

          addition of upper lateral slats for fixing the entire rear part which will be made of 4 mm acrylic panels with lamellar effect ...


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            processing of the rear part which will consolidate the whole structure the panels are temporary, the tray for the motherboard (on which other panels and supports will be mounted) and for the vertical video card are still missing.
            I do not rule out making other changes during the work.
            I preferred to stay a bit wide with the measurements I am always in time to cut if I need ....

            Just like I do a cardboard sample to do the various tests

            when I am quite sure I proceed with the various cuts on acrylic.

            I did the first and I use it as a "master" for all the others, they must be perfect .... at least I try.

            all done by hand.

            after taking the right measures I assemble everything
            the panels that will make up the rear will have thicknesses (now there are not) that will keep them tight and the structure will be more solid.


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              YAIBA TO ALL! today a lot of work, I leave the rear part suspended to focus on the front, I make a panel of solid recycled steel from my HP desktop, the metal structure of these old houses is really impressive solid and thick sheet metal, the empty case already has its considerable weight.
              here it is

              to install the 360 mm radiator I need supports but at the same time I need to strengthen the structure, let's start ..

              measurement control and positioning ...

              now the most interesting part

              I finish with precision files always checking the measurements

              I am very satisfied with the result considering that I have no specific equipment and I made everything with basic tools
              and if I can do it, anyone can do it.

              check that everything concludes.

              fastening with rivets, I always check the measurements

              the structure is now much more solid and stable.

              to be continued---


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                a lot of work today ...
                processing of the tray, very important as it is an integral part of the structure

                technical dimensions tests

                positioning of the bracket that will fix the inno3d RTX2060super TWIN X2 video card vertically, here helps me coolermaster who sends me a special bracket designed for his houses but that is fine for what I need

                but it's not over I have to find a way to fix it firmly to the panels.

                motherboard placement and holes

                I have an envelope full of spacers I always take them apart before I get rid of an old case

                creation of the hole on the tray to facilitate the installation of the fixing plate for the CPU waterblock

                once you have decided what to do, prepare all the holes for the gpu support bracket

                after taking the measurements well 3 times I proceed
                I practice very small holes

                one points it as a cutter and patiently floods all the holes connecting them creating a groove

                I help myself with a precision file (one of my best purchases)


                it is not yet finished all the tray block must still be well worked .. and the panels made previously must be revised (they are too large)


                • #9
                  rear panel added reinforcement elements

                  I will add 2 more "sandwich" wings with leds in the center 2 acrylic panels painted with another acrylic panel with leds in the center
                  in addition to strengthening the structure, it will have an aesthetic value, 2 D-RGB strips inside these fins


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                    completion of the 2 rear led panels


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                        additional rear brackets are required

                        I believe that the direction I have taken is now clear


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                          Arrangement of the pigtail, as it is I don't like it is too linear to the frame
                          an indentation must be created and the fairing will have a fold therefore a more dynamic design.
                          First I evaluate where to cut

                          cutting little material will allow me to tilt the aluminum easily
                          just enough to achieve the desired effect, I end up fixing an aluminum bar with rivets and the structure is very solid

                          a little trick that makes the difference in the overall design.


                          • #14
                            small reinforcements added to stabilize the structure

                            as well as reinforcing they will be an excellent decorative element

                            the fabulous EKWB EK connect controller has arrived in addition to the classic functions
                            there are as many as 3 excellent temperature sensors coupled with EK Vardar X3M D-RGB fans

                            here the unboxing


                            • #15
                              well guys we proceed, this is the turn of the crankcase / turbine of the bike it will be a grill and under it I will put a 200 mm RGB fan
                              but how to make it happen? I invent something ...

                              fixed with adhesive for temporary acrylic after I will apply a more powerful one to consolidate everything.

                              to make a perfect hole I build a tool, dremel has been supplying it for years I don't want to spend 30 euros for a piece of iron and plastic.
                              so I decide to find it myself, I take advantage of the supplied cutter support.
                              This bar is usable on any mini tool.

                              here the project.

                              that's where I'll make the hole.

                              thanks to coolermaster for providing me with this magnificent rgb coolermaster fan with awkward dimensions .. well 200 mm
                              a big beast ... that's where it will go.

                              here a brief unboxing ...

                              technical positioning tests

                              let's go ...

                              here it is at work .. the bar behaves well is very smooth you have to proceed very slowly
                              as the pieces of acrylic tend to melt with the heat blocking the tip.
                              clean from the chips generated every now and then ..

                              use the 3d printer because I don't have it.
                              but as usual I will try to do something beautiful and above all that costs little ...