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Yaiba kusanagi casemod cyberpunk 2077



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    today's work, creation of the housing of the 2 SSDs positioned on the outside of the case well visible on the back the discs will also be modded and painted first step I disassemble them and prepare their surface with primer-

    prepare the structure .. if I have not done wrong my calculations should be like this, the graphics may change and it is temporary.

    I create the threaded supports for mounting the case panel ..

    I still have to decide well the color for the paint or metallic red or anthracite ..


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      I create a panel that will be led with samurai logo ... will have two functions the first to fill the inside of the case and the other to hide some cables as well as give a nice extra touch to the whole mod. I start with the construction of the panel that will follow the shape of the motherboard tray

      and now the support, an angled aluminum strip and I use it as a support will be fixed to the central plate of the case

      aluminum bends very easily but cannot do it too much otherwise it breaks, the position of the corners must be studied well and moved as little as possible ...

      the LEDs will be positioned on the side in the recess of the strip

      in the meantime, touch up on the base structure of the case and then go to paint


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        painting application of silver (I will save you the dilution because done other times) these are all the panels that will make up the internal structure and that will decisively strengthen the whole case support panels, led door, and main panel on which the motherboard will be mounted.

        ssd bay done

        now after months the yaiba begins to unfold and show itself in all its glory for those who have followed me in these months will feel great satisfaction in seeing the assembly some lateral supports. essentially these panels are connected to each other with threaded steel cores and thicknesses keep them in place it was very complicated to distribute all the space as everyone knows I don't use machinery and everything was hand made old school.

        now it's time to insert the structure inside the frame and fix everything permanently ..

        here is a lot of anthracite gray but it will be 40% when all the external parts in metallic red are inserted


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          I assemble some parts of the fairing to realize

          I do not exclude adding other parts in acrylic to accentuate the line of the yaiba

          I proceed with the construction of the upper aerators

          then I will insert the slats inside painted in anthracite gray, creating a contrast with the metallic red

          is time to paint some parts, the weather is not favorable, it rains ... but I have to go on

          provisional assembly of fan grill

          I have to calculate the dimensions for the cables inside even if it seems absurd there is little space.

          silver finish on some parts


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            step back but necessary, I realized that I don't like the side panels anymore they are too protruding and from double pega it widens the internal space a lot and since the temple tightens .....
            I decide to do them again ... youppyeee !!!

            this is the panel ..

            proceed with the realization of the internal slats to emulate the air vents.

            I calculate the thicknesses of the acrylic elements well, i.e. 2 mm for the slats and 4 mm for the thicknesses, everything must fit together perfectly otherwise it's a mess.

            I glue everything ..

            it is always annoying to redo pieces and you lose a lot of time especially if you have to do them by hand like me but the result pays off in the end .. it had to be done!

            once completed, the slightly recessed panels (5MM) will be cut in perfect shape to give a depth effect.

            that's fine!

            as we have already understood this project even if it started with a very specific idea is a work in progress, some unforeseen parts are realized along the way as in this passage.

            I realize that although the fairing is beautiful it is flat, I prepare other external panels that attach to the existing panels to give a depth effect that was missing, these panels will join those already made for the external ones with air vents made previously.

            I use the usual procedure, all by hand, cardboard template, study of the measurements, cut with a manual hacksaw and refinish 80 gr sandpaper for smoothing and 220 gr for finishing. obviously all the panels are unique the measures are taken side by side, because this mod is made entirely by hand and the individual pieces are not mirrored.

            use of two-component fiberglass putty to close the cracks generated by the bending.

            t's time to place them to take measurements for the fixing holes. at first glance I see that they will still need to be finished.

            perfection is not of this world but let's try to get as close as possible ..


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              now guys it's getting serious. preparation of the slats that will be positioned inside the side panels. 2mm thick acrylic interspersed with 4mm acrylic

              painting of the side panels that will hook onto those already made previously

              preparation of the air outlets that will be positioned at the bottom ..

              lots of patience....

              we assemble everything.

              the paint is fantastic but will be worn and YAIBA graphics applied


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                When a problem is created, the solution is a must, but sometimes it happens that the ripiuego proves to be better than the initial idea, as in this case. The fan of the 200 mm coolermaster takes up a lot of space on the back and therefore I don't know where to fix the controller what remains is right, the cables, so how to do? I lack space so I have to create it ... the ek waterblocks controller (I know it has software problems and its sale has been suspended, so we look forward to the new release ...) I place it on a low, I create a crankcase to emulate the oil pan of the motorcycle, we will apply finishing wear and logos at the end, since it needs specific measures I build it from scratch.

                I fix everything with glue and finish with fiberglass stucco to consolidate everything.

                and here it is, primer coats, grouting with metal filler, and when the surface is good enough and smooth anthracite gray coat

                I will also pierce the lower fairing.

                he casing will be hooked from below and will contain the controller and the related rgb and fan power cables ...


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                  construction of the partial turbine cover

                  added threaded bolts on the master cooler fan for easy installation.


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                    realization of the last upper front and back cover panels
                    I do all the tests on paper when everything is in measure for the folds
                    I prepare the acrylic sheet that will be folded, puttyed and fixed to the case with M3 countersunk screws


                    the second one, back..

                    now fixing with fiberglass filler and then for metal bodywork.

                    install thermo applicable threaded bolts

                    further modification.

                    front pannel buttons

                    wear application with sandpaper.


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                      the work was a lot I did not have time to post new photos but here is the work at what point it has come. let's take care of the memories

                      intel i7 9700kf 3.6 ghz 12 mb cache processor installed by PCHUNTER

                      led assembly

                      200mm master cooler fan

                      360 mm radiator positioning with 6 fans, 3 in and 3 out

                      waterblock ek mounting on INNO3D RTX 2080 TWIN X2 video card

                      waiting for the cable riser cooler master to arrive I do some tests, it fills well ...

                      EK combo positioning on the top

                      processing and conclusion of the lower panel

                      processing and conclusion of the lower panel...

                      lower casing that will contain the controller of fans and rgb lights of the whole case.

                      positioning of lights on the support of the internal panel.

                      positioning of lights on the support of the internal panel. completion of the internal panel and graphics

                      And it's not over yet...


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                        CPU waterblock customization seemed right to stay on topic ..

                        arrivato il riser cooelrmaster..

                        mounted the ek waterblock on the inno 3d rtx 2080 super twin x2

                        ready for the custom loop ...


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                          installation of the 5 "monitor on the front panel.

                          front panel buttons ..

                          improvement of the internal panel I add more plexi underneath to enhance the lighting.

                          preparation of external logo panels

                          ssd covers

                          cut-out panel cover psu that will contain all the cables..serve for the pipes


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                            problem .... I realized that by mounting the monitor I had to lower the radiator which now protrudes below small unforeseen events that can happen ..
                            I have to fix it, fortunately they are only 5 mm I prepare a space in the cover and make a lid on it ..



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                              "italian red" cable installation all by HARDWIRE CUSTOM CABLE MAKER .

                              power cable painting


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                                custom loop ek waterblock stuff! I state that it is the first time that I make a liquid system so far I have always used AIO I will try to live up to my experienced colleagues ..

                                liquid color? red of course