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DIY Chinese watercooling vs professional watercooling



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  • DIY Chinese watercooling vs professional watercooling

    Hi guys, newcomer on your forum.

    To introduce it quickly my level is basic, enough to assemble a computer and do some basic modifications by myself. Slowly started growing up into the fact that a powerful computer is not as good as a powerful and cool-looking computer. A couple of days ago I started to make it look nicer.

    My sistem specs are:
    MSI gaming 970
    AMD FX8320
    MSI Gaming 280x

    Things looked suspiciosly black and red and I kind of decided that I have to maintain the color scheme and improve everything in general. For that point I got the avexir ram and corsair air 540 body. In a couple of days I'll stretch the carbon fiber sticker all over the case.

    Now, I used to have a basic watercooling system, that was purchased in one of those DIY online stores. A trash water pump, a cpu block, a 240mm radiator with two trash fans. After this whole thing was moved into the corsair body I started having some incredible temperature measurements:

    Idle - cpu at 21-24C, GPU at 25-29C
    Witcher 3 kind of games - cpu at 45-47C, GPU at 50-53C

    I kind of felt that I can start pushing the limits of the cpu by oveclocking it (graphics card will be improved by buying one more r9 280x to form a crossfire).

    Now after this whole novel xD

    How much better will a good watercooling system be (Corsair or Tt with the radiator of the same size) compared to a chinese manufactured DIY watercooling of the same size?