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SuperMicro SC760-A Case questions



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  • SuperMicro SC760-A Case questions


    New poster here. I have been doing some searches for information on using a SuperMicro SC760-A case but have not come up with a huge amount of info.

    For nostalgia reasons I wish to migrate my hardware into one of these cases. I checked that it is ATX compatiable so no worries about having to mod that however I have a few queries about using this case that I hope someone might be able to help me with.

    My hardware is a b450 board with a ryzen 5 + 1060 6gb graphics card + 650 PSU semi modular.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	case.jpg
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    I am wondering how easy it is going to be to use this case as is without having to do anything extensive to it work wise.

    The side facing fan, can that be easily dettached as it looks like it would get in the way of a cpu heatsink+fan cooling solution.

    The PSU has to be mounted on top so it looks like i will have to be drawing air in from warmer componenets below. Would it be better to flip it so it is drawing air in from the top instead?

    Will the cable connections for the power button button be the same standard for todays mobos? Im not aware that they would have changed but I thought I should ask anyway.

    And finally i would appreciate any advice, difficulties i may encounter, etc when doing something like this.