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From case mod to crowdfunding - Defcon One mark III story



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  • From case mod to crowdfunding - Defcon One mark III story

    Hey guys, so here is the short story:

    The project started from the desire to give graphic cards the visibility they deserve, instead of keeping them confined in a horizontal position.
    At first we tried with a case mod, but putting 2 GPUs up that way was fairly complex in a regular case.

    We looked at the various solutions around, but could find no Dual-GPU one, so started designing our own.
    In addition to keeping the GPUs much cooler than in any regular case (they always take in fresh air from the cut-out plexiglass panel), the GPU and Motherboard airflow are fully divided, further lowering the system temperature. All this without the need for any additional fans.
    For CPU cooling we chose 120mm liquid cooling or LP air coolers with an additional 120mm fan where the liquid cooler rad would go.
    The case is fully made out of aluminum, asides from the 4mm plexi panels of course.

    The result is the Defcon One Mark III.

    Here are it's tech specs:

    - Dimensions: 340x380x173mm (22 liter volume, comparable to the U3)
    - Motherboard compatibility - Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
    - GPU compatibility - 2 side-mounted GPUs up to 300mm (310 in the power pins allows it), max height 112mm in dual GPU config and no height limit in single config.
    - Storage: 2x 3.5" drives ; 2x 2.5" drives
    - Power supplies: Modular and non modular ATX power supplies up to 150mm, can be rotated up or down.
    - Cooling: 120mm liquid cooler or LP air cooler with additional 120mm fan on top, optional 80mm fan in the back.
    - Connectivity 2x 3.0 USBs

    Manufacturing and price

    The case will be fully manufactured in Italy, from laser cutting to painting; for these two operations we'll rely on external companies, and for bending and assembly we'll do it ourselves.
    We plan the final price to be between 150 and 200 euros, but we'll know better for sure after prototyping.

    Here is the crowdfunding campaign link, feel free to leave feedback or share it since both help, and if you like the project and the idea behind it, help get it funded!

    And now some renders of what the prototypes will look like.
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    Did this ever get built?
    Cut it, Paint it, Mod it. Void Your Warranty
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