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Thread: Compaq Server Mod

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    Compaq Server Mod

    I have this kind of old server I got from my school and I want to do a mod with.

    I haven't decided if I want to keep with the rackmount case or if I'm gonna try and scavenge parts to build a case. Any Ideas? This is going to be a low budget mod mostly consisting of some simple fabrication from scrap metal(I have lots) and some cutting etc.

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    Compaq Server Mod

    I think keeping it as a rack mount with some modifications is the way to go. From the photos I think you could really have a bang up system with some upgrades and little sheet metal here and there and then top it off with a fab paint job. Good luck on making your decision and thanks for sharing this future mod with us. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Compaq Server Mod

    I think that I have decided to stay rackmount, upon closer inspection of the hardware it looks like it will have to stay pretty much in this configuration even in another case without massive amounts of rewiring and making adapters. I also plan to make a nice low profile aluminum heatsink that will cover both CPUs(once I get a pair) I'm also planning a few creatively cut windows as I dont have much lexan laying around to be able to do a large window(and honestly I'm getting bored with huge windows) The front bezel is going to be either heavily modded or entirely replaced, this poor thing has a face that it would be hard for even a mother to love :-P

    Paint and lighting is still entirely up in the air, I'm thinking a black main color(high gloss most likely) with either blue or green accents and lighting(leaning towards green as I have some green CCFLs laying around).

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    Compaq Server Mod

    Sounds good to me. I like green, blue is being used everywhere it seems to me, so it's worn out it's charm already. Red is good but it too is being used to much. I'm sure green will get to that point at some time but for now it's still in the minority. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Compaq Server Mod

    I'm a tad confused: Are you just talking about the 1U server or big cabinet beneath it as well?

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    Compaq Server Mod

    Just the 1U, the big one below it I'm trying to sell so I can get a synth, that one is quite loud and my parents measure computer power use based on noise(That and it has 2 dual CPU nodes in it)

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    Compaq Server Mod

    Ok, that clears things up a bit. So the computer it contains is remaining there?

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    Compaq Server Mod

    Yeah, the specs on the containing computer aren't bad: Dual skt 370s looking at the moment to get a matched pair of 866MHz or faster(currently has a single) a GB of RAM, 2SCSI Drive slots, and PCI interfaces for a video capture card and a sound card(planning to make it an HTPC)

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    Compaq Server Mod

    Instead of a large window I think I would make a few smaller ones, say about 4-5 inches across, in different shapes that may highlight certain areas. Painting it IS A Thinking like orange or red for some reason.

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    Compaq Server Mod

    mini update
    I have the design for one of the windows ready to cut, this is over the CPUs and RAM.

    Also I plan to get the dimensions for the new HS and start on that tomorrow if I find a nice chunk of aluminum laying around(very likely)

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