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Thread: Plausible Idea?

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    Plausible Idea?

    What I thought was to have something like a desk fan strapped to (or modded into) the case, then have a strong mesh or grate on the backside of the mobo, or even the whole case to vent the air.

    That sorta fan, anyone thought of that? Or even done it?

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    Plausible Idea?

    I've done and seen just no side panel and the fan sitting there blowing onto it. it would be cool though to see it as an actual mod instead of just ghettoness.

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    Plausible Idea?

    If you could make it look like it was supposed to be there.... that would be pretty awesome. Might get real loud though.

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    Plausible Idea?

    OMG I am planning on doing that. I did a sketchup and everything. I have been assembling materials and trying to keep my mouth shut but I can't now that it's been brought up!



    The dome on top is this fan:

    I thought that fan was for a restaurant exhaust, but it's actually the cooling fan for a 1960's flight simulator unit. Pretty crazy. I'll give this thing its own worklog as soon as I'm ready to start. I hate announcing mods then not doing anything with them.

    P.S. - the name of the mod is "rusty cage", and sides are all mesh.

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    Plausible Idea?

    Wow! that looks like its gonna be great I'll try it on the side of a Tower -if i can decide on a final design and afford it too-

    Godo luck with it cant wait to see

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    Plausible Idea?

    Now that is a wicked design and I'm going to keep my eye on this mod, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing with us and Happy Modding to ya.

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    Plausible Idea?

    I'll give it its own worklog once I get started. I doubt that it'll contain sli'd GTX's, though .

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    Plausible Idea?

    It's a pretty cool idea. It doesn't have to be loud, on the contrary, you should be able to get more CFM for dBA. Just pick a silent efficient fan.

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    Plausible Idea?

    Wow not a bad idea guys ^_^

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