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Thread: 7300 gt with new drivers... grr :(

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    7300 gt with new drivers... grr :(

    hey guys, me again :P

    I have a small(big) problem..
    I've just updated my video drivers to the latest - for the GeForce 7300GT
    and here's the problem:

    my normal screen resolution was 1440×900 pixels @75Hz

    but now, it goes under 1280×960 if I either choose 1280×960 OR if I want to have my normal resolution, the optput will still be at 1280×960... and I have to move my mouse to the right so the screen moves and I can see the right side of the desktop/application I'm using

    Any ideas why this happened/how to fix it?

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    7300 gt with new drivers... grr :(

    Which specific drivers did you install? Did you do a uninstall / clean / and install?

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    7300 gt with new drivers... grr :(

    What OS are you using? I had that problem on one of my linux computers (fedora 7), and I fixed it by plugging in a crt until I had logged in and the X server had loaded, then plugging in the lcd. Of course I have to do that every time I turn on the computer, so it's more of a work-around than a fix. That computer stays on most of the time.

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    7300 gt with new drivers... grr :(

    I did as I did twice before: downloaded the drivers from for the GeForce 7 series

    it worked twice before bt now this..

    no, I just installed, did that twice before and it worked

    I'm using WinXpPro SP2 (latest updates and all)

    Should I donload the drivers from Gigabyte's site? Or is there no difference? (because the graphics card is Gigabyte's GeForce 7300GT)

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    7300 gt with new drivers... grr :(

    Uninstall and go back to the last version that was working.
    If there was a large gap between the working version and the newer drivers you might try a few of them that are in between.

    BUT sometimes it does pay to stick with the manufactures drivers. They make the card and do not always follow NVIDIA standards and tweak the carda and drivers.

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    7300 gt with new drivers... grr :(

    yeah I'm using Gigabyte's drivers now

    altho the date of the driver is... well... 2006/09/22

    the topic name is wrong.. it should be 7300GT not 7600GT sorry

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