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Thread: Round sata cables?

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    Round sata cables?

    Does anyone know where I can get round sata cables? I need to route them through another cable, but they need to be smaller than 5mm in diameter in order to fit. The cables that I currently have are around 7mm. I know that the wires in a sata cable will fit, it's just their housing. I suppose that if I really have to I could remove the wire, strip a cat-5 cable and connect those individual wires to the connectors on either end. If I do that I would have to buy sata cables anyway just to cannabalize the ends, but less work done means less chance of producing a faulty homemade sata cable. Plus it's, you know, less work. Here are my other requirements for the cables: straight on both ends, 20"-24" long. I don't care about color or el or uv reactive or anything but those requirements. I hope that somebody sells what I need.

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    Round sata cables?

    umm... if the cable has to be less than 5mm, arent you going to have to cut the cable at least once anyway?

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    Round sata cables?

    Oh sorry, I meant width. That was a little confusing :P

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    Round sata cables?

    but are you trying to fit it through a hole, or is it just trying to fit the cable in a slot? ( i got the 5mm = diameter or width thing)

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    Round sata cables?

    Oh, I see what you're saying. Yes, it is going through a 6mm hole so I will have to cut it in order to feed it through, but I still prefer not having to rewire both sides. I haven't taken one apart to see how well the wires are contained, and I may cut it lengthways down the middle and stack the halves on top of each other. I'll do it the hard way if I have to, I was just wondering if an easy(er) way existed.

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