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Thread: Nvidia OCing

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    Nvidia OCing

    Go and download Collbits.
    Register it on your computer. Then you will have a tab on your display properties of you videocard. Just start slowly increasing then play some games to test for pixelating and temperature.

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    Nvidia OCing

    great tip.. thanks for the link

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    Nvidia OCing

    Riva-Tuner is another great video card overclocking tool
    can get all that stuff at

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    Nvidia OCing

    i just noticed i only have one star =( i want 6 stars too =P. Nvidia tweak is good tool as well for those "locked" features

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    Nvidia OCing

    ati tools
    are all great tools and are easy to easy.


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    Nvidia OCing

    I have personally found that using the 'Detect Optimal Frequencys' feature is a very bad idea. I purchased an FX5200 Ultra and used the DOF feature. When it was finished it set the core from 250MHz to 790MHz and the memory from 400Mhz to 980MHz. I was able to quickly put it back to normal but it was too late. After rebooting the screen was flashing black about every 4 secs (the tell-tale sign of a fried card) and was unable to play any DX games due to lockup (was working before). I have also fried an old GeForce4 MX4000 using the same software. The moral of this story is always go slow in overclocking and don't rely on any tool to find the right frequency for you.


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    Nvidia OCing

    Sinxarknights, is right, go slow in overclocking (for all you guys who might be new in OC), I have a 7800GT and I'm still trying different settings every day.
    Been using Rivatuner and haven't used Coolbits yet (on this card)

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    Nvidia OCing

    Nothing like the new V-Ranger Advanced Overclocking Utility...hope we get a download link from some place

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