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Thread: [Poll] Music, stock or not?

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    [Poll] Music, stock or not?

    Whats your music of choice for gaming?

    I had more options listed, but was told I had too many options..

    I choose other because it depends on the game, but in general its a tie between rock and game music.

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    [Poll] Music, stock or not?

    I don't listen to music at all. If it's in the game I usually turn it down or off. I like to just be me and the surroundings. Full on EAX effects and stuff. IF it's a cut scene then Ya Ok. But I don't need techno walking around in the woods sniping people. Especially when it's MP but I assume you speak of single player campaigns.

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    [Poll] Music, stock or not?

    wel, i picked other as i genraly listen to music like UT style music...gets me more in the modd to rank up the frags lol so ya n when its a racing game its got to be clubland for other is my choice

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    [Poll] Music, stock or not?

    I listen to everything from RHCP to ska to techno, or even occasionally TSO or the Angry Strings Orchestra.

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    [Poll] Music, stock or not?

    I generally listen to whatever the game is playing, just to free up the memory used by iTunes. Plus, I hate having to stop playing in order to switch songs or choose something new to listen to. It throws me off.

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    [Poll] Music, stock or not?

    I listen to mostly everything that's on my playlist.. (wich means from metal to trance, house, rock, country - oh except Jazz that makes me kinda... bored )

    ( But yeah, I listen to music even when I sleep :P )


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