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Thread: PSU repair?

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    PSU repair?

    Are PSU's fixable or repairs not cost effective?

    What usually burns up on them, average.

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    PSU repair?

    I got a few broken ones to repair but they were around 250 to 300W and it wasn't worth repairing them, it came cheaper to buy new 450W..

    The output power transistors were burned and a 2 ICs went bye bye (3x250W) and at 4th one (300W) it was completely blown.. Well maybe that was because of a lightning strike but ok... hehehe

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    PSU repair?

    lol lightning anyway,

    yea id buy a new one what are you after?

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    PSU repair?

    Not sure yet to be honest. I've got a possibly spent Antec 350W that i removed from a customers computer that was DOA in his system but he cut the seal on it so I don't think I can return it for a replacement even though it's barely been used. No lightning strike to the best of my recollection, it' just went kaput out of the blue. I've got another 250W OEM HP PSU(working) but I'm thinking more along the lines of what Dex said of at least a 450W - 500W as a minimum.

    I will be using 4 CCFL UV lights as well as hopefully adding a Bose Companion 2, 3 or 5 speaker system. Add in a possible Fatality X-Fi card, at least a 1Tb drive and eventually 2 nVIDIA 8800 GT cards, and a TV tuner card.

    I'm always open for advice if anyone has a better idea as far as the soundcard, GPU or TV tuner cards go since I've got minimal experience with those.

    Later, I'm hoping to run either 2 -22" HDMI screens or one large one.

    Since I'm planning to OC at least the processor I may be adding water cooling too but I'm hoping with the Antec 900 case design I may not have to?

    Everyone chime in here please, I'm up for ideas.

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