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Thread: Your favorite MB maker

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    Your favorite MB maker

    It is the old argument of Coke or Pepsi. Ford or Chevy. Coffee or Tea. Everyone has their favorite for one reason or another. What is yours?

    Me I am an ASUS fan. Sure I have had my share of faulty boards, some of them where my fault :mrgreen: , but all in all I have had very good luck with them.

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    Your favorite MB maker

    I'm an asus fan (love my motherboard, and my laptop) but I have yet to own a high end DFI board and I think those would give my asus a run for its money

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    Your favorite MB maker

    Asus Too. It seems like they are always week, sometimes months ahead of the development cycle.

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    Your favorite MB maker

    ASUS all the way
    Alternative is MSI I guess

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    Your favorite MB maker

    I never got to have a good motherboard. Pair of ECS (extra crap systems) and 1 cheap as poop Gigabyte.

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    Your favorite MB maker

    asus was mine...but after using a evga board, it kinda wiped the floor with my asus i sold the asus board lol so...


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    Your favorite MB maker

    I have had good experiences with MSI's rma system, but I had an Asus a while back that treated me nicely. For cheap boards, I'll take foxconn or gigabyte.

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    Your favorite MB maker

    Asus would be my first choice, Gigabyte would be my second choice I have always had good results with both MB's.

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    Your favorite MB maker

    I've had very good luck with my Epox 8RDA3+ board and then my Asus boards have given good service. Now I'm working at getting my Gigabyte SLI board a try with the AM2 socket. So far I haven't gotten them to work but they check out with tech dept. from Both the processor and board where checked out as good. Then I moved and haven't been able to work with them yet. The Epox works every time. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Your favorite MB maker

    DFI!!!!!!! How can you guys not even mention it?!?!

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