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Thread: Graphics card and Tv Tuner

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    Graphics card and Tv Tuner

    Thinking of (or would like to add) a graphics card and a TV tuner card.
    I currently have a measely nVIDIA 7300 GS video card and hopefully an Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe mobo on the way starting tomorrow. In building my own system I'd like to add a TV Tuner card as well. Would there be any potential issues in being able to have the graphics card work if the monitor was connected to the TV card or would it have to be visa versa or somethign different?
    I'd like to be able to use 1 monitor if possible. Anyone with ANY experience in TV Tuner cards please give me any thoughts you might have or experience with them please.
    I may upgrade the graphics card but right now it's not an immediate priority.

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    Graphics card and Tv Tuner

    In all cases, I think you are going to put the monitor off of the graphics card. The TV tuner card should be hooked up to the sattelite/cable box, and possibly a TV or something.

    You might look at the "All in Wonder" series of Radeon cards... they are decent performing video cards with TV tuners built on.

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    Graphics card and Tv Tuner

    I remember looking at those a while back but wasn't sure if they were as good as they were toughted to be. I'll give them a look see thanks .

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    Graphics card and Tv Tuner

    Tv tuner cards are meant to feed the video into the computer, they dont output, so you dont change where your monitor plugs in. Thats with the exception of the All in wonder that fusinfun brought up, because those are just graphics cards with the tuner built in.

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    Graphics card and Tv Tuner

    That is correct. The Tuner card pulls in your cable feed or video feed. ATI makes a nice HD tuner card I'd go with that over a all in wonder card. This way if you ever upgrade your Graphics card you can keep your tuner.

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    Graphics card and Tv Tuner

    The all-in-wonder cards were great, but they've been largely dicontinued. The most recent all-in-wonder that I found in 5 minutes of searching was the x1900, and for the money ($240) you could buy a midrange video card and a separate video card. I've had some experience with tv cards, and the bottom line is that you get what you pay for, and even then you don't get much. Do you have hd programming? Because if you don't, it'll look like crap unless you're viewing from across the room or have your pc also hooked up to a normal tv. What do you plan to do with the tv card? Do you want to view tv over your monitor, or do you want dvr controls, or what?

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    Graphics card and Tv Tuner

    Keep in mind that all cable networks are switching to all digital next year. So unless you want to buy a new one then make sure it accept an HD signal.

    What kind of interface do you want? PCI or PCI-E X1?

    About how much do you want to spend? Looking on newegg they run from about 80-120 bucks.

    Might want to do some searching to find out what HD tuner is the best. there is an Audio visual forum on the net somewhere. Used to visit a lot when I was setting up my HTPC.

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    Graphics card and Tv Tuner

    Thanks Shel and BSL. I'm going to be using an Asus A8N32-SLI mobo with an AMD Opteron 165 proccy. I simply wanted to be able to watch TV through my computer using my monitor and eliminating wasted space with a TV. I'm moving at the end of the month but I'm pretty sure we'll have HD since my buddy and his family have an 80"-90" HDTV.
    I wanted to have the TV watching capabiliy without having to settle for a mediocre graphics card if that's possible.

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    Graphics card and Tv Tuner

    Definitely want a separate tuner then. You have space for the PCI-E version of the tuner, but make sure you video card isnt going to block that slot. Safe bet is to just get a normal PCI tuner.

    These are 4/5 rated tuners at newegg:
    USB TV Tuner
    PCI Tuner
    PCI-E x1 Tuner

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    Graphics card and Tv Tuner

    I wouldn't go with USB. I don't think you can get the bandwidth needed. Not sure though. I've heard good things about Hauppage.

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