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Thread: Ongoing build

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    Ongoing build

    Sadly this build of mine is going extremely slow with my work schedule and having moved but I've got at least a few of the components together now.
    Here is the list -

    Antec 900 Case
    Creative Soundblaster Live 5.1 Soundcard
    Logitech G15 Keyboard
    Logitech G5 Mouse
    WD Caviar 320 GB SATA SE 16

    I'm currently still waiting on the motherboard to arrive Asus A8N32 Deluxe-SLI

    My question is about the GPU. I currently have an nVIDIA 7300GS which seems to be adaquate so far since I'm only playing F.E.A.R. and Torment mostly. I know the 7300GS isn't the latest and greatest and won't overclock very well, if at all but is it worth me spending around $180 for a new 8800 GT?
    I'm hoping to also have my Comcast cable going through my computer so I can remove the TV set and simply watch TV through the same monitor without having to disconnect or anything. Earlier someone mentioned the Hauppage (sp?) card. It's simply a matter of space and convenience, not a neccesity. In your opinions would I be better off just keeping the TV or is adding a TV card (IYO) worth bothering with?
    The money could be used for GPU, LCD Monitor, Bose speaker system.

    Ideas, feedback, opinions please.

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    Ongoing build

    You might wanna consider running 2 vid cards, so you can play AND watch tv simultaneously (maybe have it going to another room). it is an sli mobo right? a tuner card is good and will be needed, i suggest a name brand, and maybe a HD tuner card if you wanna view in HD, with graffix cards, u can play on your monitor whist viewing a tv from the other card, though an upgrade in ram and some system tweaks would def. be required to lighten the cpu load....
    just my

    ~=DiGr= r3dr1d3r177 <t4t2.0>

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    Ongoing build

    I wouldn't get a new card unless you really really need it. You can always upgrade that later. I'd get the essentials to getting your case running the way you want.

    I don't have a tuner card on my HTPC I just switch over to cable when I wanna watch it. Then I switch to PC when I game or surf. The only reason to really have a tuner card is if you want to record what you are watching. Or delay it so you can fast forward through commercials and stuff. Like TIVO Unless like you said you want to watch it through your monitor

    You kinda have to decide what is most important to you since money is a factor. I personally don't watch much TV and just like to watch movies on my big TV. So it really depends on you.

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    Ongoing build

    That's part of my dillema Sheldog. I do watch TV occasionally but not a whole lot until hockey season. My room is kinda small so the footprint of even a small 13" TV makes a difference. At the same time I don't want to quite sacrifice game graphics (if I don't have to) in lieu of a TV card such as an ATI or Hauppage. I'm sort of befuddled with this one.

    Yes r3dr my mobo is SLI. HD isn't that important to me (a nice bonus but not neccessary).

    Oh and my PSU is a Thermaltake TR2 RX 550W. I wanted to go at least 750W but locally that's what was available and I like the 5 year warranty . I didn't want to have to wait for the build to take place waiting on a delivered PSU. Fortunately I'll be able to use my current RAM (2GB) from my Compaq case, I'm not sure jumping to 4GB is going to give me any substantial gains?

    Another question. If I did wind up gong with an ATI or Visiontek All In Wonder card and then also used the 7300 GS would there likely be any conflicts?

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    Ongoing build

    maybe, maybe not on the conflicts. I'd still get a seperate tuner card and graphics card. Less likely hood of conflict between that and two video cards.

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    Ongoing build

    Well finally after over a week of waiting my mobo arrived in Philadelphia today from Texas so I am assuming I should have it tomorrow 8/7/08. Friday would most likely be the latest. I've been rushing home from work everyday in hopes it would be here by the time I arrived and no such luck to this point but it's now local and on it's way . Soon the BFG 8800 GT OC will have a home to sit in.

    I checked out a few vids on YouTube about cable management in the Antec 900 and they were very helpful but it's going to be a while until I get a chance to make it that far into the build. Getting it up and running is priority one right now. Fortunately, the after market cases are designed with not only gamers in mind but also builders in general. The extra area on the right side of the case (facing the front of it) allows for great cable tucking, something you never get with retail PC's.

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    Ongoing build

    hey bud, just saw this and thought of you.

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