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Thread: Air conditioning CPU

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    Air conditioning CPU

    Since my last horrendous bout with building ended abruptly I was wondering if I could get a few educated opinions here on a few of the best CPU fans for a socket 939 Opteron proccy?
    I'm definitely planning on OC'ing it and want something better than stock but not outrageously priced. I've been looking at a few of the Thermaltake copper core fans and I'd like some thoughts on any others that people here may have used in the past that were worthy of a look.

    I also checked out the Blue Orb II at a few different places and had some very wide reviews on it so I'm eliminating that one from my list for now.

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    Air conditioning CPU

    The zalman series is always a solid bet, I used a copper/aluminium flower style heatsink on my 939, and it worked great. The CNPS ones get great reviews almost everywhere. I really like the reviews that AF, Tazz and the team do, here are some of the ones that I would buy (if I needed one/had money to spare)

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    Air conditioning CPU

    I use the Zalman Fatality on my FX57 and it keeps it super cool. I would go with the cheaper copper version and skip the red. Unless that suits you of course.

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    Air conditioning CPU

    Hmm I'm kinda leaning towards this one

    The gemini's design flat out scares me because it looks so fragile.

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