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Thread: Dell XPS 710 BTX->ATX mod

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    Dell XPS 710 BTX->ATX mod

    I'm looking for a shop or experienced modder than can tackle the challenge of getting a standard motherboard into the 710 case. Really prefer locally, which is South Bay Area, California, basically Silicon Valley, so if anyone knows of any places that do this sort of thing pls let me know. Its still a newish rig, but what I really dig is the case, the thing is bombproof without a scratch on it, would love to have around for years instead of just ebayin the thing off at upgrade time.

    I've seen a modded case for sale in the classifieds, and have seen the step by step online mod another guy has done, so it is possible but I simply don't feel confident myself in doing it, lack any tools, have never built my own machine even. So really prefer a local place I can drive over to, drop it off, and pick it up with no big headaches. People that actually do this sort of thing regularly, not just some bored zitface teen from the classifieds that's gonna hack at it, I mean I can ruin it too hehe. Any leads are mucho appreciato!

    Here's what I'm talking about:

    I figure I could use this other case I never did anything with for cutting up into parts for the FrankenDell, if needed. Its a Super Flower SF-201T3 case that I bought new a few years back, had a nice anodized blue power supply put in, had the front panel fitted w/ 2 switches for lighting or something... and never did another thing with it. Been in the garage ever since.

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    Dell XPS 710 BTX->ATX mod

    Welcome to Modders-Inc.

    Well I don't know of any actual shops that deal with our hobby in your area or an individual for that matter. Not saying that you couldn't find someone locally.

    I personally like being different and running the BTX style setups. But if you convert that to ATX then you would be different from the rest of the Dell owners . To do what your talking about (just doing the conversion). I don't really think it would take that much. You can even buy the same mobo tray that he used from Performance PCs for 30 bucks. Now I would take things a little further than he did if it was me. I don't like having the extra metal left on the side (you can see it through the un-used fan hole once its built in his pic). I would definitely make it a 100% working removable tray if your going to go that route. Looks like there is plenty of room to work with.

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    Thank you for*your posts!*Very interesting!

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