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Thread: Modifying A video Card

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    Modifying A video Card

    I am new to this forum and VERY new to modifying computers. I am building a custom computer right now and the only thing I have left is the video card installation. This is where I need help.

    The restriction I have is that between the back of the case and the power supply, I am restricted to 9" max. Currently I can fit 2 9800GT Nvidia cards in but they touch the back of the power supply so that I cannot plug power into the Video card.

    What I am looking to do is have someone modify the Video cards so that the power connection will point to the side of the card as opposed to the back of the card.

    Anyone have any suggestions or know any company that does this type of modification?

    Thanks in Advance for any and all suggestions..

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    Modifying A video Card

    It would help to have a picture of your case?

    As I am a little confused? Isn't the power supply at the top or bottom of your case, thus being out of the way??

    9600GT Nvida


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    Modifying A video Card

    The case actually lays down like a stereo system. I have a picture of the case before the power supply was installed. Not sure if that will help.

    I am not sure how to add the picture since it is not at any URL to place the image. If someone can tell me how I can add the pic to this , I will be glad to do it. Here is a link to an image of the case I purchased. 082&Depa=0&Description=LIAN%20LI%20PC-V800B%20Black%20Computer%20Case


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    Modifying A video Card

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