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Thread: Any Graphic Designers out there?

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    Any Graphic Designers out there?

    I have a request. I need a new logo for a new UK PC modding site.

    The needs are simple (a lot of freedom to create )

    1. A PC case and/or monitor
    2. AZCS
    3. The Home of U.K. Modding.
    4. Blue and Green (colours for lettering)
    5. 3D look
    6. 350x450 pixels

    Have a look around the site, and see if you get any inspiration. Join the forums its free!!

    Thanks for your time guys,

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    Any Graphic Designers out there?

    help please!

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    Any Graphic Designers out there?

    We will give the winning logo some secret pizes too.

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    Any Graphic Designers out there?

    How did things work out? Did you get what you wanted?

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    Any Graphic Designers out there?

    Well,The owner of the site seems to have disappeared after getting a few free items for review from a manufacturer. The site is still there, but is abandoned now.

    Probably turned out to be almost like work for him.

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    Any Graphic Designers out there?


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    Any Graphic Designers out there?

    why i didnt enter.. believe it or not.. i was doing some web graphics for a clan buddy that was starting an online auto parts distrubtion site.. wanted me to do the graphics.. month later and alot of work done... the friend of 3 years and clanmate.. just stopped talking to me.. and never heard from them again.. the site domain was closed soon after.

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