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Thread: Corsair Q/A Request - Cases

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    Corsair Q/A Request - Cases first post as a MI forum member!

    We are going to post a more comprehensive Q/A segment on our cases and our cooling solutions. If anyone has an unanswered question, please post it here and we'll address it in a new upcoming Q/A segment to be posted at our website.

    Corsair Case Link

    Thanks in advance for the input.

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    Corsair Q/A Request - Cases

    welcome Buddy ... good to see you here!

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    Corsair Q/A Request - Cases


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    Corsair Q/A Request - Cases

    corsair only has once case and its Beautiful! the Corsair 80D. Gorgeous full tower case. Costs $300 Mostly Aluminum with some steel in it. Its is very expandable, has a ncie case window and very large fans. They should make a cheaper $200 mid tower. at Least I hope they do. Great design. I may buy one.

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    Corsair Q/A Request - Cases

    It's the Corsair Obsidian 800D, and it's not mostly aluminum! The main body is steel, has a few plastic parts, and the front panel is aluminum.

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    Corsair Q/A Request - Cases

    the case looks beautful. I would love to have one, I love all the holes they provided for cable management, plus the rubber stuff, definately a cool innovation.

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