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Thread: I dont know what to call this mod...

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    This is a custom case that I'm planning for next year. Lol I'm limited to about $50 or so, so it can't go overboard. Basically it will be an acrylic cube case with a color scheme of blue and green. Ironically, I am thinking of going with an abstract land, sky, and water pattern on the outside, only I have no idea of what this should look like... I need to do a bit of doodling... Right now, I am in the market for new hardware. I've already decided on a phenom x2 550. I have narrowed the motherboard down to two options, which will come down to price. I already have a psu, gpu, dvd drive, and hard drive from my last system, so I just need to decide on good ddr3 ram and an aftermarket cpu cooler (air). I'm thinking of getting the Coolermaster V8
    but wonder if this will be overkill. Also, how hard would it be to replace the led colors to blue? (want to match the lights in my evga geforce9800 gx2). I will add on to this post throughout the next year and hopefully will have a case built in less than 300 days. Obviously still in the planning stages, so feel free to throw ideas at me and whatever... I'm guessing most progress will be over weekends as I'm still in high school and have lots of expectations from my teachers. *sigh* I expect to have all the hardware ordered within the next 2 weeks or so. Ha, just thought that when I get the parts, I will most likely design this case on the computer that will go in it as right now I'm stuck with a single core 2ghz 1gb geforce 6200 128mb computer... doesn't like 3d applications. I plan to do a TON of led lighting in the case, and integrate that with the acrylic... an after thought, can you do successful paint jobs on acrylic?

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Yes, you can paint acrylic -- might be better to use vinyl wraps though. Look at "Must Kill Teddy Bears" for a good example

    $50 might be unattainable especially being that you want to custom build this case out of plexi... Just 20-50 LEDs and assorted supplies to hook them up will probably run you 10 bucks or 20% of your budget.

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    I forgot to mention, I already have most of the leds I will need and really any of the resistors that are needed too. I also should have some screws or something that work (not sure) so I'm currently only looking at just the acrylic being under $50. Thanks for the painting suggestion. Hopefully I'll have time to add more when I get home this afternoon.

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    I dont know what to call this mod...
    Your best bet for plastic. The crap they sell at the hardware store will only give you headaches.
    Delvie's sell cast acrylic. Hardware stores sell extruded acrylic. The extruded stuff will melt with only the friction of a hack saw.

    My current build put me back $600 for plastic, so I think $50 is a little tough. I paid more than that for shipping, (3 stores=PAIN!)

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Yeah, I see what you mean. I think that I can keep it pretty close to $50 though. I'm pretty good at making my limited money stretch Just the clear basic 12'' cube is about $33 or so. I wish there was a better place for the psu. It just sits under the mobo taking up 6 in of height. I'm thinking of laying it upside down with the fan on the top. I have an OCZ stealthxstream so it's a 120mm fan. I think that giving it 1.5 in head room to intake air would be sufficient from two sides (it will be in the corner). Then that will save an inch for more airflow above the motherboard. Next on my questions... how fragile is 1/16in? For the color patterns I plan to go 1/8 in or 1/16 in. I also am going to get 1/4 in. for the motherboard tray. The green from that site and the light blue are what I had in mind for the two main colors, but I think I might as well get dark blue for the motherboard tray. I have been sketching some ideas for patterns, but they aren't nearly complete enough to scan and upload. Right now I need a good idea for abstract fish and tree outlines. I found some really old brown acrylic in out garage (mixed in with stained glass supplies). And no, I cannot do stained glass... too pricey and my parents wouldn't have time to show me how. I think that's about it for my progress, I thought a bunch about airflow. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it is good to have fans blowing air out and will reduce dust buildup? Obviously with the budget comes a limit of fans I can immediately install. I have an 80mm left over and supplies to build maybe about a 280mm one (from a broken desk fan). For the last question, how much acrylic cement would you suggest that I get, and what type. They have a thin type and a thick type... And I think that the main thing holding the parts together will be the glue, but is this the kind of thing that needs very little?

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Oh, I did a little bit of research and it turns out there is a regal plastics store in-town so I can save on shipping, plus I can actually see what I am getting before I pay for it Hopefully I can get over there this weekend. In the meantime, planning planning planning... anyone have any answers to my questions?

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    If no one can answer you hear, you should ask the people at the plastics. I don't know much about the glue, but I'm gonna bet you want the glue to be strong enough to handle heat.

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Yeah, I was just trying to get input on which glue worked best for others that have worked with acrylic...

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Looked through my dad's shop and it looks like I have access to copper pipe and steel conduit. Might be useful for inner framework... I think I have reached the point where I need to start watching for things to throw on the case or in the case. I also need ideas for what to put in the extra space by the disc drives (3in on either side)... might throw together an i-pod dock in one of those spaces. I'm also toying with a tropical theme...

    Has anyone built their own fan controller from a few potentiometers? I have a few laying around, and can always get more, but was wondering if anyone had already proven this to be possible. I would think it would be pretty easy job...

    I am actually considering using an old doorbell for the power switch... Well, night for now...

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    I dont know what to call this mod...

    Yes you can, its not the most efficient way, but it works. Just make sure you get pots and resistors that are rated for some wattage -- Dropping 7V (12v to 5v) over a resistor is a great way to make heat.

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