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Thread: 7950X2 compared to 7900GTX

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    7950X2 compared to 7900GTX

    I'm just curious because I don't really know how to compare grahpics cards. I'm not planning on buying either of these beasts anytime soon :P. I am curious though, which one is better and why. I noticed the 7900GTX has a higher coreclock speed and memory clock speed. It does however have 512MB less memory.

    So, which is better and why, where would one shine over the other.



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    7950X2 compared to 7900GTX

    The X2 has the new nvidia dual core GPU setup and is ready for the "quad SLI" setup. So you could take 2 of theses cards and have a "Quad SLI" machine, but I believe the list of MB's that support it is very limited.

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    7950X2 compared to 7900GTX

    Ah I see . Can't imagine somone that could sli them. So jealous .

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    7950X2 compared to 7900GTX

    The 7950 GX2 is basically 2 underclocked 7900 cores stuck together. Its alot better, and it actually beats out the X1900XTX, but by barely

    And the only way you'll get quad SLi in the next year is through a big box retailer. IE Dell, Falcon Northwest, Alienware. (Nvidia is only realeasing drivers to these companies that pre-build Nvidia systems)

    Nvidia thinks that Quad SLi is still too much for the enthusiast. I figure its just a deal between these companies.

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