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Thread: The Molex mystery woooooooh

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    The Molex mystery woooooooh

    This one might be right up Fusinfun's alley but I'll take a knowledgable reply from anyone who knows the answer. Why are there two grounds on a Molex plug? If the grounds get crossed down the line can it or would it do damage to an electrical component?
    The reason I ask is because while working at the shop last week and wiring up the SATA connectors, apparently the ground positions do make a difference. Is it also true for Molex plugs?

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    The Molex mystery woooooooh

    Grounds shouldn't matter. If you trace them back in the power supply you will likely find that the lot terminate at the same location.

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    The Molex mystery woooooooh

    Technically the two grounds are supposed to be separated one is for 5v grounding and one is for 12v grounding. I've mixed them up on many a cheap power supply while messing around with the molex connectors and never fried anything, but your mileage may vary.

    Many people solder them together when doing custom projects and I haven't ever seen anything bad happen from that.

    Sort of a whishy washy answer if you know what I mean, but *shrug* I can't really tell you any more definitely.

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    The Molex mystery woooooooh

    Ok, I knew there was at least some kind of difference but i think mixing matching shouldn't do much if any dmage hopefully.

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