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Thread: NEW comp idea's???

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    Hello everyone...

    Its that time again... we want to to a NEW comp so that you guys can win some cool prizes, so far we have:

    The in-win dragon slayer case

    $450.00 water custom cooling kit

    we are in talks with three more companys for more prizes but the two above are what we have so far.....

    What we want is for a easy comp so that we can get these prizes out to the winners very fast...

    The comp must have something to do with the forum.
    if you have any ideas please post them Here

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    Come on guys and girls.... any ideas are welcome. please post below in this post.

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    280 NEW comp idea's???

    I am not sure what your asking for. A new comp... as in you want suggestions for a new computer build? Or do you want suggestions for a new contest in general?

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