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Thread: The New Build

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    The New Build

    Well ladies and gentlemen it's that time once again. A new computer is in order and I think I've chosen a decent beginning.

    Antec 1200 Case
    Asus ROG Crosshair IV mobo
    AMD 1055t 2.8 Ghz processor
    Kensington 60 Gb SSD

    What I'm stuck on is the RAM and the PSU

    The PSU I would like about an 850W with crossfire capability and the extra power would be for lights or possibly W/C later.

    The RAM I'm looking for, the most useful/efficient as I'd like to start off at most likely 8GB running Windows 7 Ultimate.

    For the cooling I'm thinking of using the Corsair H20 system.

    Thoughts, comments and ideas are highly appreciated.

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    The New Build

    What make water kit you thinking??

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    The New Build

    After 1pm (Pacific) Newegg is selling an OCZ 850watt for 60 bucks (120-60mail in rebate)

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    The New Build

    Instead of the water cooling I've temporarily opted for the Noctua NHD14 which should allow me to remain on air with no maintanence for the W/C and still be able to overclock considerably.

    Is that OCZ PSU capable of Crossfire Fus?

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    The New Build

    Also do you have a link?

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    The New Build

    I would wait before you say no to a water kit as we are about to do a big comp to win a full water kit from our friends danger den.

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    The New Build

    I haven't said "no" quite yet. I am just looking at the quickest way to get the rig up and running within a reasonable amount of time.
    If I would be so lucky as to win a water kit from Danger Den (who by most accounts is considered 'The Best') it wouldn't be a problem breaking things down and installing a W/C kit. I can guarantee it wouldn't go to waste .

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    The New Build

    well we are in talks with few other companys about it we are hoping to start in next 2-3 weeks!

    we have a biostar MB
    ZOWIE SWIFT pads
    Antec 900

    and few other prizes.

    want more info let me know

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    The New Build

    Product page here: OCZ GameXStream

    the sale page will be here in about 2hours.

    EDIT: Holy crap -- for the shell shocker deal ($60 -- they're chucking in a nvidia GT240 for shits'n'giggles)
    Image of the email

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    The New Build

    Whoa cool. I am planning on an HIS ATI 5870 anyhow but it never hurts to have an extra card laying around for fun.

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