It's out today and already downloading to my machine!

Claptrap is one of the BEST game characters ever, and now he has his own DLC!

"Borderlands’ 4th DLC, Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution, is available today on both Xbox Live and PSN (and PC of course). For only $9.99 (800 MS points) you can help squash the Claptrap revolution and fight the evil Claptrap Assassin.

The DLC will bring “20 new missions to score epic loot and tons of fresh enemies to obliterate, including new and unique takes on previous boss battles, hordes of maniacal Claptraps and indigenous beasts that have been ‘Claptrap-ified.’” In addition, your character can earn two more skill points for a grand total of 61 and six more backpack slots.

Check out the fantastic revolution artwork, do you recognize the spoofs? It’s Che Guevara and what I assume is Fidel Castro, both from the Cuban Revolution. Also don’t forget to check out the screenshots from the DLC and the launch trailer below in the style of a puppet show.

PS, if you haven’t bought Borderlands yet and you intend to do so, wait till October 12th when the Borderlands Game of the Year edition is released as it will come with vouchers for all four DLCs. For the Xbox 360/PS3 it will cost $59.99 and $49.99 for PC.

Check out pics and the video here, see you online!