Radeon HD 5770 "FleX" edition

A couple of years ago, hooking yourself up with a multi-monitor setup might have seemed a little unrealistic, but things have certainly changed. Back in September, AMD told us about some killer bundles that included three displays, a GPU and special active cable, all for around $500. Think about that for a second... three displays... $500. Times in tech are certainly good.

Of course, those displays are only 20", but to go higher, prices are still easy to stomach. This assumes that are not insistent on having the best of the best. It's when you hit 30" displays that a 3x1 setup sounds crazy, because unless you get such displays used, three from any vendor would likely set you back around $4,000 or more.

Needless to say, while 3x1 setups were uncommon in the past, I see them growing in popularity - especially over the next year or two. The biggest concern nowadays isn't so much the cost, but the space required. Because of this, AMD and its partners have been pushing Eyefinity technology for some time. Most recently, Sapphire released a Radeon HD 5770 "FleX" edition, aiming to make it easier for gamers to take the Eyefinity route.

If you're still not sold on the Eyefinity concept, or multi-monitor gaming in general, I recommend you check out an article we published a couple of months ago called, "The Benefits of Multi-Display Gaming". If you take gaming seriously, you might want to reconsider your single-display setup!

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