Are you a casual gamer? Do you spend time playing console or PC-based video games?
If so; the perhaps you would like to attend one of the largest national events sponsored by Intel.
Intel LANFests are a bring-your-own-computer/console (BYOC) computer gaming event with a competitive game tournaments and prize raffles intended to entertain both casual and hardcore gamers.

Intel LANFest returns to Austin for the benefit of the local Capital Area United Way. Like other Lanfest events; 100%* of the ticket proceeds will be donated to the United Way.

This event is open to Intel Employees, their families, friends, and the general public. Please help spread the word so we can show how much of a positive impact Gamers can have to the local communities. Kids are welcome but are the responsibility of the parent or guardian. 16-18 year olds are allowed w/o parent with a signed waiver. Under 16 must have a legal guardian present at all times.

The LAN will be held in the Cafe' of Intel's Austin Offices on Friday, Dec 10th 10pm through the Sunday, Dec 12th noon. The event will run nonstop from 10pm to noon on Sunday. There are 85 seats to fill.

You can register for the Bring Your Own Computer or Console (BYOC) at

Games and Tournments are still being discussed with possible events to include StarCraft 2, World of Warcraft (the new expansion), and Left4Dead 2. We are also considering a Wii Mario Kart tourment; but need a console guru to lead this activity. Ofcourse; CPU Magazine will be onsite to judge any CaseMods and award prizes.

Are you unfortunate enough to live outside of Texas?
Have no fear; there may be another event near you.
There is a Dec 3rd event in Dupont, Washington.
And a Atlanta,GA event on Dec 17th.

Please See if you'd like to register for one of these events.